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How to Choose the Best Accounting Software for Your Business

Accounting software is an important tool for nearly every business because it records transactions, generates invoices and reports, and many programs automate repetitive tasks such as emailing payment

Estimator360 (Old)

Estimator360 is a cloud-based construction estimator that you can access from any computer or smart device connected to the internet. It’s the successor to Bid4Build and carries over several of


ClearBooks is online accounting software for small businesses. There are two pricing tiers, Together and Together+, and the company offers a discount if you sign up for a one- or two-year plan. The ma


Wave is web-based accounting software designed for small businesses. Its pricing structure is different than most, as it offers a free version of its software and instead charges monthly for customer


OneUp is online accounting software for small businesses that allows you to create and send invoices, track bills, manage inventory and more. Several different pricing tiers are available, depending o

Top Four Benefits of Online Payroll

As a business owner, you have to be smart about where your money is going and how you're budgeting your finances. Paying employees can be one of your largest business expenses, so it might seem counte

Best Accounting & Bookkeeping Services Review

Unless you are an accountant, you most likely didn't go into business to spend hours each week doing bookkeeping. Nonetheless, all small businesses must deal with the financial side of its operations

Is Automation the Answer to Your Small Business Accounting Needs?

The days of green-shaded, double-entry accounting books are long gone, but many people still depend on paper receipts and transfer data from one program to another by hand. This is a large drain on ti

Five Accounting Trends of the Future - Are You Being Passed Up?

As technology improves, it's changing how we do business. Smart businesses keep up with the trends, adapting their processes and technologies not only to keep up, but to take advantage of the changes

Why Pay If It's Free? Open Source Accounting Software for Your Business

Some businesspeople love accounting; others consider it a necessary evil. In either case, good accounting software can make this often tedious job easier. There are many excellent bookkeeping program

Accounting for Beginners

Opening a business can be an exciting, surprising, complicated and expensive endeavor. It seems simple; you just make sure you are selling goods for more than you make them, right? Wrong. Without prop

Balance Sheet Basics

One of the most important financial documents of any business is the balance sheet. The balance sheet gives you a detailed picture of your company's financial position at a given point in time and can

Accounting: A Necessity for Small Businesses Owners

Let's face it - most of us don't find accounting particularly exciting and would rather have someone else do it for us, right? This is a fine stance for those who are completely disassociated with th


If you're ready to go for the gusto with a full-featured online payroll service, Gusto (formerly ZenPayroll) offers an employee payroll solution that handles paychecks, benefits, taxes and paid time o


Paychex Flex offers online payroll services for small and large businesses alike. Much like other services, Paychex Flex allows you and your employees to access your respective portals online through


BenefitMall is a workforce management company that offers comprehensive online payroll services as a standalone solution to your payroll needs. It works with over 200,000 small and medium businesses a


ADP is one of the largest and best-known online payroll services in the country, and it offers a solid solution for any company looking to outsource their payroll. Their Enhanced Payroll service is on


SurePayroll differs from other online payroll services with its one-click payroll feature. This feature works for companies that have employees who are paid the same amount each pay period. You can sa


MyPayrollHR takes an all-inclusive approach to payroll solutions. You and your employees can access your respective portals either online or through mobile apps, which is convenient for when you are o


IOIPay payroll services stores up to 10 years of previous payroll reports on its servers. You can access these reports through your administrator portal at any time to use for auditing or legal purpos

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