Pros / This software offers more reports and more content-based templates than any other service.

Cons / It's focused on projects, so it is more involved and less intuitive than other services on our list.

 Verdict / This software is focused on full project management and is more complicated than simple billing and invoice software.

BQE Software offers many different billing and invoicing programs that are geared toward project management, especially for fields such as engineering, architecture and contractors. BillQuick Online offers different packages so you can choose one with features that works with your needs. Because the service focuses on project management, it is more complicated than other services. You can create invoices, but for the service to be most effective, you also must create full projects. Further, the software is not intuitive, especially compared to other services we reviewed.

Setting up your account with this billing and invoicing software is quick, but after that, it becomes more complicated. Before creating a manual invoice, you must create a project. With a project, you can specify the client, billing type and contract amount, and view any associated invoices; everything for the project is grouped together for organization. After you can create invoices and track time, products and vendor information associated with that project.

To create a manual invoice, you select the project and can specify a budget and billing schedule if you choose to. Otherwise, you add items or services. After creating the invoice, you send it to the review process, after which you can send it to project managers, approve the invoice or email it to your client. When we tested this process, we chose the option to email the invoice, but it never arrived in our inbox, and the billing software never gave any indication that the action was not carried out.

This service offers more templates than any other we reviewed. However, these templates provide different content. For example, one hourly invoice may be for an employee with or without a raise. They do not provide a different layout, feel or design. While it is a plus that you have so many templates to choose from, you are limited because you cannot customize them. You can add your logo, which is an option every other invoicing software offers as well.

If reports and tracking your finances are a priority, BillQuick is a good choice in that respect. It offers hundreds of reports that you can filter down to small details to include specific details.

BQE's website is a useful resource if you need help. You have access to a knowledgebase, forum, FAQs and webinars. You can reach customer service over the phone or by email. There are also live support options, but you must call in to obtain a meeting ID to use live support.

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With BillQuick Online, you can create and email invoices, but the process requires more work than it does with other services because it's designed for full project management. If your company would benefit from project management as well as billing and invoicing, this application could be a good choice. But if you're looking for a simple invoice program, there are better choices.

BillQuick Web Compare Quotes