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Estimator360 Review

PROS / Estimator360 is a cloud-based construction estimator geared for smaller, residential projects, and it features several project templates.

CONS / There is no online master cost database. You must build your own price book.

 VERDICT / Estimator360 is designed for residential contractors. Its unique system for keeping accurate material prices means it’s well suited for contractors with close relationships to local suppliers.

Estimator360 is a cloud-based construction estimator that you can access from any computer or smart device connected to the internet. It’s the successor to Bid4Build and carries over several of its best features while adding some new ones. Like Bid4Build, Estimator360 is geared toward working on smaller-scale, residential projects.

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This program features automated estimating tools to help you make a fair bid proposal to potential clients. When starting a project in Estimator360, you can select from several predefined project types, including roofing, windows, cabinetry and additions. These premade projects will populate the expected materials for you, and you can then adjust the dimensions and other scales of the project. The estimating software will then calculate your costs.

You can itemize certain assemblies within the project to further break down what you’ll need to complete the project, including material and labor needs. You also can specify your building methods to create an even more accurate final cost.

Unlike most other construction cost estimators, Estimator360 does not connect to an online cost database to make its resource estimates. Instead, the program helps you build your own database by prompting your suppliers and trade partners to directly update their prices via automated emails. The creators assert that this allows you have the most accurate prices at your disposal, whereas prices from national databases are always subject to change. This system allows your suppliers to submit their own bids on material costs, or you can enter their prices manually. If you have previously worked with Excel spreadsheets, you can import them into your pricebook using the software.

During the estimating process, you can use Estimator360 to calculate a timetable for the project, taking into account labor costs. During the building phase, you can refer to this timesheet and compare it to the actual duration of the project to help you stay on track.

When the estimate is complete, the software can draft a physical copy of the bid proposal that you can give to the client, or you can send the proposal digitally for the client to electronically sign within the program.


Estimator360 is a residential construction estimating program that allows you to access your estimates and bids anywhere there’s an internet connection. Its system of populating your own price book by reaching out to your suppliers to update material prices sets it apart from other companies on our list that rely on online databases. 

Estimator360 Compare Quotes