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Clear Estimates Review

PROS / This is a cloud-based solution.

CONS / This program lacks scheduling tools.

 VERDICT / Clear Estimates is an easy program to use for creating home construction bids, though isn't in depth enough for commercial construction projects.

Clear Estimates is one of the easiest-to-use construction cost estimators we tested. It is cloud based, meaning you don't have to download the program onto your computer, which takes up valuable space. Instead, you log in to your dashboard from any web-enabled device, including tablets and smart phones. This means you can create a new construction or remolding bid while with the customer instead of having to wait to get back to the office and to your program.

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This program comes with premade templates for the most common projects; however, you do have the option of creating and saving your own, custom templates based on jobs you do more frequently. The cost book included provides you with the most current pricing on materials and labor for your area. However, custom modification is available so that pricing reflects specific vendors and suppliers you work with.

One unique feature Clear Estimates has that other programs on our construction estimating software review tend to overlook is contract management functions within the program. Most other solutions connect to a third-party program, but Clear Estimates lets you create the contract along with the estimate. You still have the option to export the information into another program if you have one that you are more familiar with. Additionally, Clear Estimates can integrate with a variety of project management, CRM and accounting software, including QuickBooks, making this construction bid program a valuable tool among your business program suite.

Clear Estimate does have a few drawbacks, which make it difficult to use for commercial construction projects. While you can import CAD, or blueprint designs, to reference as part of the bidding process, you cannot interact with these programs. This makes using digital takeoff features a little harder to use than other programs that incorporate this feature. It also doesn't have scheduling tools, which is an important tool to have for any construction project. However, you can export the information and use a separate program if you need to. Despite lacking these functions, Clear Estimate is a very easy program to navigate, especially since it doesn't try to cram too much data and information into a single viewing field as is typical with most construction estimating programs.


Clear Estimate is a good construction estimating software that is easy to use and cloud based, making it mobile friendly and giving you the ability to create bids while you're away from your desk. This program integrates with some of the best business software solutions, including accounting, project management and CRM software. While it lacks scheduling systems and the ability to interact with CAD designs, you can upload blueprints into the program for easy reference while you create your estimate.

Clear Estimates Compare Quotes