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Estimate Master Review

PROS / This estimating software is one of the least expensive programs on our list.

CONS / This program looks dated and old compared to most other programs we reviewed.

 VERDICT / Estimate Master is designed to get your estimating jobs done, but it's missing key features, such as digital takeoffs, that you may want when you estimate bids.

Estimate Master is construction estimating software by Coon Creek that includes many convenient features but lacks in other areas, particularly in its ability to integrate with third-party applications. Additionally, the omission of a scheduling tool and a change order processing function hurts the usability of the software. The program is also looks dated compared to the other bidding software.

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Looking past its faults, this bid-creation software includes a few important tools, such as its built-in database to track materials, labor, parts and customers, though you will have to enter in each item yourself since Estimate Master doesn't integrate with any national databases. You can combine your custom databases into one master list or section them out to more easily find the specific item you need for your bid. Any information you enter into the application is automatically saved every time you move to a new screen. This can be a lifesaver if you ever forget to save your work. You can use data from previous projects as you create new bids. The application also has a built-in backup feature that protects you against data loss.

Creating work orders is also a feature of this software is well implemented. This feature enables you to break your estimate down into smaller sections for distribution to workers and subcontractors. You can also synchronize the databases so that multiple people can work in Estimate Master, even if they're working on different computers.

Another handy feature available with this construction estimating software is the ability to create assemblies. You can also make duplicate cloned estimates, if needed. Estimate Master's reporting capabilities are limited to one bid document. This document contains the final costs and may display markups, taxes, shipping and other costs. You can customize the bid document by incorporating your company logo and defining the bid body text.

This construction program should be simple to navigate for most estimators. Estimate Master has a supportive help section to guide you through the initial stages of using the application. When you begin to use the software, help balloons appear to identify different elements of each page. You can adjust how often these balloons show up. This time-saving documentation helped us discover many of the software's features and even answered some of our questions. However, the audio on the video tutorials is quiet, which makes it difficult to hear what the voiceover is saying.

While there is an older Windows version, only the iOS version is currently being supported by the developer. Because the initial software purchase is relatively inexpensive, and there’s no recurring subscription required, this is one of the most economical of the construction estimating programs we evaluated.


Estimate Master is decent, basic estimating software. It features some helpful tools, such as automatic backup, along with simple navigation controls. It doesn't have many of the features that other construction software applications have, but its lower price tag makes it a good choice for general contractors and trade-subcontractors.

Estimate Master Compare Quotes