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PlanSwift Review

PROS / This program includes CAD tools for creating designs in the software.

CONS / You have to pay extra in order to integrate with QuickBooks.

 VERDICT / PlanSwift has a nice layout and powerful tools that make navigating through the program easy while still creating accurate estimates.

PlanSwift is a detail-oriented construction estimator that includes some of the most advanced tools for creating home construction bids. The templates, designs and functions revolve around home rather than commercial construction, making a good choice for home builders.

It is one of the few programs that has CAD tools in the program so that you can create simple blueprints without having to import designs. However, it also allows you to upload premade CAD designs created with third-party solutions, and the interactive estimating tools still work. It also converts images into TIF files.

At first glance, the dashboard may seem overwhelming, but you can customize each window so that you see exactly what you need. Additionally, it uses more than spreadsheet templates, making it easy to navigate through. This program uses the same clicks and functions to create an estimate as most construction bidding software, but it also has many shortcuts. The legend on the dashboard lists the most common, which cuts down on the process of creating an estimate substantially.

PlanSwift has all the estimating tools you need to figure takeoffs and assemblies. It supports custom modifiers and scales, so you can change pricing in your bids based on your costs and measurements. It comes with several premade templates but also gives you the flexibility to create your own.

Once you've created your bid and it has been accepted, PlanSwift lets you track actual costs, so you can create a more accurate estimate next time, with possibly underbidding or overcharging. Job costing and tracking features let you create your own price book based on actual cost numbers. You can then override information in your cost book or create a separate price book.

This cost estimating program integrates with other programs, including QuickBooks. However, unlike most solutions on our lineup, PlanSwift charges extra for this integration.

If at any time you need assistance, this program lists all the support options in the program, so you don't have to click out in order to go search for it. Available help includes a FAQs section, live chat, video tutorials and free online classes. An interactive demo is also available if you call the provided telephone number.


PlanSwift is an easy-to-use construction estimating program that uses its layout and tools to make navigating through the system more simple than most similar programs. It provides ways for you to track actual costs once the bid is accepted and your project is underway. You can integrate with other programs, such as CRM and accounting software, but some of these, including QuickBooks, cost you extra. However, PlanSwift is still a good choice for bidding on home construction projects.