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ProEst Estimating Review

PROS / ProEst's interface is laid out in the fashion of Microsoft Office, which helps streamline workflow and provides a familiar setting in the workspace.

CONS / This solution doesn't have mobile capabilities.

 VERDICT / Thirty-five years of experience in the commercial estimating industry has produced a refined, intuitive and powerful product.

An estimate generated by ProEst conveys professionalism, attention to detail and a commitment to a job well done. These qualities can give you an understated advantage on bids for competitive jobs. ProEst includes most of the features and tools we looked for when we evaluate the best construction estimating software. A powerful digital takeoff tool combined with deep and comprehensive databases and an interface that resembles Microsoft Office, both in cosmetics and intuition, make this a powerful commercial construction estimating software.

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ProEst can scan and import digital files, such as PDF, TIF, AutoCAD and more. You then have the ability to use the digital takeoff tool and ProEst's databases to craft an estimate. Additionally, ProEst teamed up with iSqFt to enhance its digital-takeoff offering, and the result is a tool that is powerful, flexible and reliable. Furthermore, this software has the ability to interact with digital blueprints, or CAD designs, and plans in a variety of formats for quick importation and analysis of those plans to get a fast estimate.

The largest obstacle for any commercial construction estimating software is its learning curve. ProEst understands this and created its building estimation software interface to mimic the Microsoft Office suite, putting you in a familiar setting. This makes ProEst's features more accessible and the workflow come more naturally.

In an attempt to make the software work for all its users, ProEst is compatible with nearly every mainstream project management and accounting solution available on the market today, including QuickBooks, Microsoft Project and Primavera. This estimation software integrates with all the popular project management and spreadsheet applications on the market today. No matter how you may have crafted your bids in the past, ProEst can take those bids and the information contained therein and assimilate them into its databases for archiving or alteration purposes.

The biggest feature that ProEst lacks is the ability to use the program while away from the office. Since it doesn't have a mobile app, you still have to calculate your estimates and create the final bid once you've returned to your office.

During the course of our review, we interacted with the ProEst staff on several occasions. We found the representatives helpful, informed and friendly. They were eager to answer our questions. Furthermore, they went to great lengths to make sure that we had a good understanding of ProEst and all of its features. Having a phone conversation or email exchange with a ProEst representative is as pleasant an experience as you can expect from a software company.


ProEst has been around for more than three decades, and it shows in the depth, breadth and comprehensiveness of its commercial construction estimating software. That experience is complimented by its intuitive interface that is pleasing to the eye and that lends to the overall usability of the product.

ProEst Estimating Compare Quotes Demo