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ProContractor MX 2.9 Review

PROS / ProContractorMX goes far beyond simple estimation and bid proposal creation. It’s an all in one construction company solution that handles everything from equipment management to payroll to reporting and analysis and much more.

CONS / This application is not available for Apple’s OSX operating system.

 VERDICT / ProContractorMX is the most complete construction software application on the market today.

This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

ProContractor MX 2.9

When it comes to construction estimating software, no one has a more complete package than ProContractorProMX. That’s because it goes far beyond simply estimating how much money it will cost to complete a project and create a winning bid, although it does that as well as or better than every product we reviewed. ProContractorMX is also a fully fledged project management and job cost accounting solution as well.

This application provides solutions for every aspect of a contractor's business. These features include (but are not limited to) take off and estimating, job cost accounting, project management, procurement management, financial management, employee management, equipment management, reporting and analysis. ProContractorMX earns our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award because it enables you to take a construction project from inception to completion with a single application.

Maxwell Systems has also developed an iPad app for ProContractorMX. This is great because it allows you to take everything with you to the job site, the hardware store, vendors and more for easy reference. Plus it allows for real-time updates with the home office, so everyone on your team is on the same page all the time. That alone is an invaluable advantage because a job's details can change hourly, and it can be difficult to keep everyone in the loop all the time. This iPad app makes great strides to alleviate that dilemma.

Estimate Generating Tools

When you get down to brass tacks, what sets ProContractorMX apart from the other applications we reviewed is that it is the only construction software application in the industry that offers a full-scale estimator and earthwork module in one place. Completeness is the name of the game, and Maxwell has done an outstanding job at putting everything you need in a single application.

Additionally, ProContractorMX enables you to generate a proposal in its own interface. Therefore, there is no need to export the data into a third-party program such as Microsoft’s Word or Excel. This has several benefits; chief among them is that all the data you’ve complied while composing your proposal isn’t spread across multiple applications. A change made in a third-party application doesn’t automatically correlate to an update in the bid creation program. Keeping your data in one place means that you always have the most accurate, current and updated information for your proposal.

The bid creation and proposal portion of ProContractorMX is only a small part of the whole application; however, it is arguably the most valuable part because it enables you to create winning bids for a variety of construction projects. The software has special features specifically designed for specific high-dollar projects such as earthworks, site work, utilities and heavy highway construction.

One of the most useful features in ProContractorMX is its interactive 3D visual assemblies, allowing you to see your work as it would appear in the real world. This is an invaluable tool for verifying your work so you create the most accurate bids and proposals. A 3D rendering of your work also reduces costly errors in the planning process of a job that have the potential to reduce your profits or even cause you to lose money on a job.

Once you have the job, ProContractorMX has all the tools you need to see it through to completion. Some of the most useful of these features include the ability to accurately project daily job costing, generate and control change orders, billing systems and more, all ensuring that you are accurate, efficient and profitable.

Furthermore, ProContractorMX allows you to manage your employees, payroll and other housekeeping tasks from within the program. These features go far beyond anything the completion has to offer in the areas of employee management. Managing and reporting construction payrolls is often a stumbling block for smaller contractors, and ProContractorMX is an invaluable tool for making sure everyone in your organization is paid their proper wage.

Further still, this program features an equipment management section. Having this tool within the program is another boon for Maxwell because it’s just another piece of the construction puzzle that you don’t need another application to manage. When equipment is managed properly and used to its full capacity, profits go up. Equipment that sits idle or ends up on the wrong job site, or equipment that is bought or rented when not needed, is a waste of resources. The entire equipment management portion of the application is designed to maximize your profits with the resources you have available.

The reporting and analysis portion of ProContractorMX also warrants mention. This portion of the software allows you to view project metrics in multiple formats. These reports enable you to better supervise and direct production and increase productivity. Additionally, since you have all the details within the program itself, ProContractorMX is a great tool for managing your cash flow as well as simplifying on-site processes. These features, when used to their full potential, increase efficiency and profits.

Cost Tracking

ProContractorMX’s interface is highly customizable. You have the ability to select which modules each user of the program has access to. This has the obvious benefit of allowing multiple users access to the program simultaneously. And because the program updates itself in real time, the most current information is always available. Also included are built-in calculators and converting tools to factor in labor, equipment and markup pricing.

We found the interface to be intuitive and easy to navigate. The developers have done an excellent job of taking a seemingly complex task and making it easy. A comprehensive step-by-step manual is included with the application, which will help you get on your feet. To combat the steep learning curve further, Maxwell Systems offers a variety of tutorial videos.

Program Integration

Since ProContractorMX is an all-in-one construction software package, it doesn't require additional third-party applications for the different aspects of project management. If you are already using software like Microsoft Project or Primavera, it won't integrate with your current systems. However, it can import CAD files, and it works with accounting software such as QuickBooks. Plus, it comes with Mobile Connect, which allows you to track and adjust information on your iPad, no matter where you are.

Help & Support

Support for ProContractorMX is built to meet the varying needs of its clients. The manufacturer has online support in the form of product documentation, training services and more. Maxwell Systems' phone support will instantly put you in touch with one of the many product experts employed at the company. Maxwell Systems also offers unique training and consulting to address specialized support that your company may require.


There isn’t much we don’t like about ProContractorMX. If there were one thing we would suggest for further incarnations of the product it would be to make it available for Apple’s OSX operating system. It's somewhat of a surprise that it is not already available since Maxwell took the time to develop an iPad app. However, we are willing to forgive that omission in light of its other capabilities. ProContractorMX is an extremely well-planned and well-executed all-in-one construction software solution.

ProContractor MX 2.9