Pros / Intuit charges a flat monthly rate for its payroll services, regardless of how many times you pay your employees throughout the month.

Cons / You need to submit your payroll information three business days before you want your employees paid, which is a full day more than most services.

 Verdict / Even though you need to submit your payroll information earlier than with other services, Intuit Full Service Payroll is an extremely simple and comprehensive payroll service that offers one of the best values in the lineup.

Editor's Note: Intuit's acquisition of PayCycle is complete. We recommend reading our complete review of the new Intuit Online Payroll which we've chosen as the best online payroll service provider.

Intuit Full Service Payroll is one of the largest online payroll services in the country. With the backing of such a large company, Intuit delivers a high level of payroll services. With the Full Service Payroll option, you and your employees receive comprehensive payroll support and services that help make your payroll process easier and simpler than other payroll options.

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Payroll Features

Intuit's Full Service Payroll offers one of the highest values in the pricing and fees category. With a flat monthly rate, you only pay Intuit once per month, even if you pay your employees multiple times throughout the month. Most payroll services charge for every pay run you process. This means greater savings for you. You also don't pay setup fees or end-of-year processing fees with Intuit Full Service Payroll. Not having to pay anything for end-of-year processing can save you a significant amount of money every year, especially since the IRS requires you to send these forms to each of your employees.

Tax Expenses

Intuit provides you a stellar administrator experience with an administrator portal that ranks high based on our testing. The portal you use to enter and submit payroll information for your employees is extremely simple to use, and it's easy to learn if you don't have previous experience with payroll services. Another benefit to using Intuit's portal is that it closely resembles the company's other products, such as QuickBooks, so you have a base to build on from your past experience. A 128-bit secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption keeps the information you enter in the portal secure so you don't have to worry about outside entities getting to it.

With Intuit, you can pay your employees via live checks, direct deposit or pay cards. Unlike most payroll systems, this company delivers live checks free of charge. When you want to pay your employees, plan for an extra business day for Intuit to process payroll over the industry standard of two business days' turnaround time. If Intuit makes any mistakes during payroll, or pays your employees late, it will cover any fines or interest accrued from the IRS because of the mistake.

Virtual training is available for administrators through screen sharing, so you can see the process in action instead of just listening to someone explain how it works. This training helps implementation run without a hitch. Intuit Full Service Payroll integrates nicely with other accounting software. If you are already running your books through QuickBooks, integration is incredibly seamless and effortless, since it comes from the same company.

Payment Options

Employees also receive virtual training for their portal from Intuit support representatives during the implementation phase, which makes their learning much easy. However, even without training, it would be easy for employees to learn their portal. Intuit's employee portal is simple, clean and easy to use. Even with no previous experience, your employees will be able to use it with minimal problems. However, if your employees do need help, they contact you directly instead of contacting Intuit, which is typical for the industry. This is also true for passwords. Employees aren't able to reset their own passwords. Instead, they come to you for password help, which may mean more time spent trying to troubleshoot for employees.

Help & Support

Intuit has extremely good support. The support representatives we contacted were knowledgeable and able to answer all the questions we asked. Because Intuit has such a large customer base, it also has a large support team ready to answer any questions you have about the Full Service Payroll product. We experienced minimal wait times through phone support, email support and live chat support. Intuit also has a comprehensive knowledgebase online. This knowledgebase combines both user forums and company-provided information so you find the information you need to answer your questions.


Intuit is one of the largest payroll and accounting companies in the country, and it really shows in the level of support and quality of product the company provides. This is evident in the Full Service Payroll that Intuit offers. Intuit hits the mark and takes its spot at the top of the best payroll services, even though you have to submit payroll information earlier than with any other company on the lineup.

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