10 Things NOT to Put in Your Personal Blog

10 Things NOT to Put in Your Personal Blog

Blogs can be highly personal yet entertaining. Many write about their experiences with illness, relationships, work issues or other trying situations as a way to share with others who are facing the same challenges. Other bloggers just write for fun, about their kids, concerts they go to, funny things their pets do and such. They can be used as a journal that documents daily activities, frustrations and conquests, but where do you draw the line?

If your blog or journal is posted for  Everyone,  meaning that anyone can look at it, you should hold back identifiable information.

Here are 10 things to never put in your personal blog:

  • 1. Your full name.
  • 2. Your kids, friends or family member s full names.
  • 3. Where you work.
  • 4. Where you live.
  • 5. Telephone or cell number.
  • 6. Personal email address.
  • 7. Where you will be and when you will be there.
  • 8. Pictures of where you live or work that include identifiable information.
  • 9. Pictures of your car that show the license plate number.
  • 10. Travel Itinerary.

If you hold back identifiable information you can be assured that most of your thoughts are safe to share. If you are not concerned with generating traffic to your blog, just write and don t worry about whether it is going to be read, linked to or even liked. However, even if your blog is set to  Protected,  meaning only certain people can read it, you still need to be careful about writing content that may come back to haunt you later.

If you really just want to write and not worry about sharing, set your blog to private, and keep your posts to yourself. Either way, public or private, blogging can be fun, cathartic and informative.

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