Have you ever watched “Shark Tank” and wondered what makes the contestants so successful? If you think about it, not every entrepreneur makes it onto the show. Of the thousands out there, only a few have the privilege of standing before a panel of entrepreneurial judges. There are many methods they use to create fruitful businesses and win the favor of the “Shark Tank” panel. One thing these entrepreneurs have in common is that many of them use a software platform called Shopify. If you are in the beginning stages of starting up your eCommerce business, here are some reasons why Shopify is useful for you:

1. Computer Savvy
If you want to own a thriving business in this age of technology, creating an online platform is necessary. To do this you need to have some computer knowledge, but thanks to eCommerce software, Shopify, you do not need to have coding skills. Shopify provides you with everything you need to build a successful online business, and you can create your online storefront quickly. Time is money, and the faster your site is up, the faster you can sell to customers and gain profits. Shopify is easy to use, and you do not need a web designer to create a visually appealing and functional online store using its free, user-friendly themes.

2. Reliable Content Management System Platform
In order to create a productive online business, you need to use a reliable content management system (CMS). Shopify has a CMS with the features you need to run your eCommerce store. You can add and delete products with the click of a button, track and integrate payments, and keep an eye on inventory. Shopify’s customer service is also top-notch. The company provides support by phone, email and live chat, and it has a generous list of FAQs.

3. Security
When starting up an online business, it is important to keep security in mind. After all, eCommerce is all about cyber payments, and cyber payments should be secure. If you run an online business, setting up security measures on your own can be expensive and a hassle. Shopify provides you with many layers of security that protect credit card processing. This allows you to hand over the process of completing secure transactions to someone else, and the processing is free.

4. The Right Platform for Efficient Buying and Selling
Choosing the right platform can make or break your online business. Customers should be able to easily navigate your online store. With Shopify and its resources, you can build a website that caters to your customers. With certain features, you can create a front page that displays items a customer has previously viewed and acknowledges returning customers. The page can also highlight trending products and bestsellers. Shopify is a good platform for efficient buying and selling. When you personally connect with your customers’ needs, it keeps them coming back.

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