What makes  Shark Tank  contestants so successful, you might ask? Regardless of whether they win the support of a  shark,  simply making it onto the show speaks to their success. One possible reason is that 62% of the contestants use a software platform called Shopify. Why do the scales tip to Shopify?

Shopify is an eCommerce management application that you can use to run an online store. Most of the contestants on  Shark Tank  use Shopify, and with good reason. The application provides speed and support and delivers the necessary tools to set up and run an online business well   and you do not need to engineer the system yourself. With Shopify, you can interact with clients, accept online payments and offer products for sale.

When building your own business, there are many elements you need to consider, and building on the right platform can have a remarkable effect on your business  success. So, if you have dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur like the contestants on  Shark Tank,  a platform such as Shopify may aid in your endeavors.

  1. Speed and Security
    Shopify is fast and secure. Many customers leave a website and go to the competition if the page does not load quickly, so a speedy website solution is not just a benefit   it s a necessity. In addition, it s critical to have excellent payment security for credit card transactions. With online payments, you must route your customers  credit card data through many layers of security. Shopify handles that aspect as well, processing credit card transactions securely and guaranteeing payment.
  2. All-in-one Platform
    Another reason Shopify is so popular with  Shark Tank  contestants, is that it is simple to use. Building a user-friendly eCommerce website and making sure all of the pieces are in place can be challenging. You most likely want certain key features such as integrated payments, a user-friendly way to add and delete products, a tool to track payments and inventory, and the ability to personalize the website to your liking.
  3. Design
    Designing your website is a breeze. Shopify has three levels of customization. It provides free themes that are easy for you to use. The benefit is that you don t need professional web designer to customize your online store. Not only does Shopify provide free themes you can choose from, but also it has custom themes that you can purchase. Shopify allows you to build a personalized eCommerce platform at the click of a button.
  4. Marketing
    Marketing is a huge issue when you start up an online business, and new entrepreneurs may feel at sea. Shopify provides tools that help you create landing pages a home page for your website. Also for search engine optimization (SEO), Shopify provides webmaster tools and sitemaps. It creates clean code and allows title tags and meta descriptions to help search engines find your site for potential customers.
  5. Customer Service
    Shopify has a big database that provides FAQs, phone support, and email and live chat support. You never have to feel that you are in a situation without answers. Shopify customer support representatives are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. Regardless of the problem or question you have, with Shopify; you can get credible answers fast and get on with growing your eCommerce business.

It is easy to see why Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce management applications among  Shark Tank  contestants. It has several top-rated features that can help you grow a successful eCommerce business. Not only is it fast and secure, but it also comes with marketing tools to help get your business noticed, as well as flexible design options so that your website can reflect your personality.

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