In light of the rise of email, cloud sharing, and PDF sharing software, it may seem as though online faxing capabilities are no longer required to meet the needs of your business. However, many businesses still choose to use faxing services because they are secure, which is imperative when your business needs to receive and send signed documents or confidential information. Here are five reasons online fax services still exist and might come in handy for you or your business.

1. You Can Collect Official Signatures

One major benefit of sending a fax over the internet is that faxing enables you to send custom, handmade documents much more quickly than you can do by snail mail. You don't need a fax machine, either   just take a photo of the document or scan it into your computer and fax it over the internet. This is also a secure way to send and receive signed documents. A signed fax is a legally binding document, making fax technology very important to the legal, medical, real estate, government and economic sectors.

2. It's More Secure Than Email or Print Fax

A fax sent over the Internet is safer than email because it can't be stolen by email hackers on either the sending or receiving end of the communication. Only people intercepting landline telephone communications can steal a fax, and this crime is not nearly as common as email hacking. As for physical fax machines, anyone walking by can steal the hard copies of documents as they are printed out, but the with top online fax services, it's easy to set up receiving your faxes online and avoid that problem.

3. You Can Send to a Fax Machine

This is fairly obvious, but it's one of the most common reasons people use online fax. If you want to send a message to someone who doesn't have email or a Dropbox account, they may have a fax machine where you can send them a document. When you use online fax, a printed copy of your online document is securely delivered to them immediately without your having to take the time to stop by your local copy place to use their fax machine.

4. It's More Personal Than Email

Every business in Japan still uses fax. There's something Japanese businesses find impersonal about email and online forms that keeps them from making the transition to email. That, combined with being able to create customized faxes with guaranteed security, makes faxing a continued hit overseas. Filling out forms by hand and faxing them online gives us all a break from our constant typing and digital lifestyles. It can even make your form stand out from the crowd if you are submitting an application.

5. It's the Only Way to Send Documents to Some Companies and Institutions

Many businesses still either use fax machines or fax over the internet to share sensitive or custom documents with their partners and clients. To work with these businesses, which include some government institutions, schools, and medical facilities, you will need to either invest in a fax machine, which requires expensive maintenance and electricity, or send faxes over the internet, which can be free in some cases.

Now that you've learned some important reasons to try online fax services, all that's left to do is learn how to fax over the internet. Start by downloading well-reviewed online fax software. Set up an account, upload documents to your computer using a scanner or camera, and you're ready to fax. Experience the benefits that online faxing can have for your business by trying it out next time you need to send a fax.

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