Finding qualified, efficient and safe drivers for your company’s fleet of vehicles can be challenging. A lot of money, time and training goes into each driver to ensure they and those on the road around them are safe. Many companies invest in GPS fleet tracking systems to closely monitor their drivers and the routes they take, the time they spend at each stop and much more. However, your drivers may be performing many unsafe driving maneuvers that you may not be aware of.

Below are five poor driving habits you should closely watch for from the operators of your company’s fleet.




Driving faster than the designated speed limit is common among many drivers. Many drivers have a schedule to adhere to, and if they fall behind or want to finish their route early, they turn to speeding. Speeding is not only dangerous for the driver of your vehicle, but those around as well. Faster speeds can result in slower reaction times. If a vehicle speeds through a stop sign or into an intersection, serious injury or even a fatality may result. However, a large number of fleet management systems closely monitor the speed of each vehicle so managers can keep a close eye on drivers and to encourage drivers to slow down.

Text Messaging

With the widespread use of mobile phones, sending text messages while behind the steering wheel is a temptation for many drivers. According to the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, a person who sends or receives text messages while driving is 23 times more likely to crash than someone who is not distracted. Many companies have strict rules when it comes to cell phone use while driving. If your company does not have a current distracted-driving policy, it may be time to revisit that rule for fleet drivers.

Following Too Closely

When many drivers are in a rush or feel stressed, they may begin to tailgate the vehicle in front of them. Unfortunately, if the front driver quickly slams on his or her brakes, it can create a chain reaction, damaging both the front vehicle and your company’s vehicle. It is important that employees be fully trained and understand proper following distance before operating your vehicles.

Not Providing Proper Signals

Unfortunately, even after drivers have spent years on the road, some do not follow all driving laws. Not using turn signals correctly is common on the road. Some drivers don't use turn signals at all. Proper training and reminders are excellent ways to remind drivers about the use of turn signals. It is also important that vehicles be inspected regularly to ensure all signals, brake lights and headlights are functioning properly.

Road Rage

There are many bad drivers on the road. Their poor driving decisions can make other drivers mad. Road rage can take place in all different forms: speeding, tailgating, obscene gestures, etc. If you notice a driver has road rage issues, stress relief techniques can be the start for improving the problem. In some cases, road rage can be the cause of serious accidents and may even be need for termination.

As a manager, you can keep a close eye on your drivers. You can observe their driving habits and ensure they and others are safe while on the road. You can keep everyone safe by providing drivers with adequate training, continual reminders and strict rules to ensure no unsafe driving habits are being executed.

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