A quality phone system is a priority for any size of business. You need a simple, reliable way to communicate between clients and employees. Softphones are becoming popular phone systems for businesses. A softphone is simply a way to place calls using an internet connection. Using computer software, you can dial numbers and communicate with customers and clients. You can use a headset with this service or an IP phone.

Softphones are a popular choice for many companies looking for a strong office phone solution. Here are five benefits to using this type of phone system for your small business.

Less Hardware and Installation

An on-premise phone system can require a lot of work and hardware. You have to purchase physical phones for each employee and install them on each desk. Additionally, if your business is growing, it can become costly to continually purchase one phone after another for new employees. With softphones, you can forgo all of the hardware. You simply install software on a computer and plug in a headset, and you are ready to begin placing and receiving telephone calls. There are no wires or large devices that clutter up your desk. However, if you prefer physical phones, the option is still available with this type of solution.


Softphones can drastically lower you company s phone bill, especially if your company frequently makes long-distance calls. By using the internet to place calls, in most cases, local calls are free. There are also a number of free softphone applications to choose from.

Long-distance calls using a softphone are less expensive than on a landline. However, these calls will usually incur a charge. You will also have to pay for any additional equipment such as headsets, or if you desire a physical phone to use with the system.

Increase Productivity

Softphones can help your employees multitask. By using the internet and a headset, employees hands are free to take notes, look up information and better assist your customers. This is a large benefit, especially for employees who work in customer service or call centers and are working closely with individuals throughout the entire day.

More Advanced Features

This office phone system provides a much more advanced feature set than any physical phone. You have the same traditional calling features as you will find on any phone, such as voicemail, call transfers and call hold. However, many programs also offer videoconferencing with other users of the software.

Keep Your Company Current With Technology

Many companies prefer their physical telephones for communication. There is little training involved, and it still provides a way to keep business flowing smoothly. However, many managers are having their companies turn to softphones. These phone solutions are becoming the future of business communication and it pays to stay current with the latest technology.

No matter what type of phone system you choose for your business, you need a solution that provides quality sound and can meet your company s call-in traffic. Keep in mind that while softphones may work for one small business, they may not work for another. An office phone system must meet the needs of your specific company.

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