With the explosion of internet and mobile technology and the ease of shopping from your tablet or smartphone, eCommerce is a must for companies. Consumers turn more and more to the internet and shop less in brick-and-mortar stores. This behavior is attributable mainly to the speed and ease of browsing through options with the swipe of a finger. If your company is struggling to build a successful eCommerce business or strategy, or looking to improve the foundation you ve set, then think about incorporating these ideas into your online presence.

From Bust to Boom: Use These 5 Tips for eCommerce Success

1. Think of the User First.
Users cannot touch, try on or test out your product over the internet. Therefore, you need to make sure that you appeal to the user s senses to the extent possible and offer reviews and insight from other people about the product. In short, make the user feel confident and good about making the purchase. Keep in mind that the aesthetics of the page are almost as important as the product itself. The user needs a visually appealing, informative snapshot of the product to be persuaded to buy it. There are platforms designed to help companies like yours. The best eCommerce software offers solutions for small and large businesses in various levels of production. For example, Shopify provides flexible options while interacting with numerous third-party apps.

2. Develop a Mobile App.
According to the Phunware blog, four out of five people who own a smartphone use it to shop. Your company cannot miss out on this opportunity! Develop a mobile app for your business and then promote it through advertisements, social media and your company website. Having a mobile version of your website ensures it s readable on the smaller screen of a smartphone, so that is a crucial first step   but compared with a mobile version of an eCommerce site, a mobile app is more dynamic and user friendly.

3. Launch a Social Media Campaign.
Social media campaigns help spread the word about your product and can make it appear to be very trendy. Use your company s social media pages to promote products, and use targeted ads to appeal to the consumers most likely to buy your product. These ads appear on the sidebar or in the news feed of people who have purchased or viewed similar products or who have discussed interest in that type of product. Then, take it a step further and use social media to start conversations about your products, which helps to spread the word. Your social media campaign needs to complement your overall strategy, however; it is not a primary strategy.

4. Rely Heavily on Feedback.
To figure out what appeals to your consumer base, obtain as much feedback as possible. Feedback might begin with a format such as an email survey sent to the consumer, but you must go above and beyond this. Scour Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media sites for useful comments and information. Search review sites such as Yelp. To be successful in today s market, only the proactive come out on top. Your company s reputation is everything, so devote time and money to finding out what your customers like and do not like.

5. Build Loyalty Through Incentives.
No matter how wonderful your product is, many consumers simply will not buy something unless they feel they are getting a great deal. Provide discounts, free shipping and other incentives as much as possible. Create an online rewards program that offers a free item or significant discount after the consumer makes a certain number of purchases. This builds customer loyalty and keeps people coming back time after time.

Given these tips and strategies, you must still keep an open mind as the market evolves. New technologies, apps and cultural changes affect the world of commerce to a significant degree. As the market matures, so should your company s eCommerce strategy. Adaptability is key to success, as Apple, Amazon and other major companies have demonstrated over the years.

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