The cost-effective benefits of web conferencing are self-evident: with reductions in travel expenses and reductions to office space requirements, businesses can still maintain everyday business functionality. Unfortunately, many of these cost-effective benefits can come at the expense of simplicity. With various telephony, web cam and video technologies, types and providers available, often times, coordinating, initiating and successfully maintaining a meeting can be a complex and difficult task. Now, with new telephony modes like VoIP emerging and gaining a foot in business communications, web conference hosts and attendees have to factor in other issues such as full duplex support and others in order to ensure that communication is transmitted clearly and in real time. While picking and choosing various telephony, Internet and, if necessary, video and web cam providers without taking a unified communications approach, doing so can greatly reduce the meeting initiation time and allow for quick ad hoc meetings and expedited start times with less compatibility issues for most meetings in general.

Below are some of the benefits of Unified Communications approaches to Web Conferencing:

  • Helps small, medium and large businesses, as well as IT and tech support streamline information delivery, simplifying processes and making it easier for users to access and integrate into.
  • Delays associated with traditional telephony and private branch exchange-style circuits are also minimized or eliminated completely, resulting in improved interaction and customer/user integration, as well as sizable savings for the business.
  • Simplifies the meeting initiation process, providing an all-roads-lead-to-Rome approach while providing a common technological platform for improved collaboration between co-workers, employees and clients, both prospective and concurrent.

It is in this regard that Unified Communications has taken on an integral role in services like Web Conferencing. By integrating Unified Communications into Web Conferencing, business can greatly reduce communication or meeting-related travel possible reductions in business travel, reducing costs and the overall carbon footprint made by a company. With improved telephony options like VoIP and enhanced video/webcam functionality, meetings can held in real-time in unique, secure URLs. There, demonstrations, presentations, screen-sharing, whiteboard sessions and other meetings can be held and attended by authorized attendees from around the world.

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