The smartphone is not just a phone, it is an internet browser, a personal organizer and much more. Moreover, although like any mobile phone it can store all of your contacts, it is much more than just a digital address book. A smartphone can synchronize your contacts with all of your devices, sort and save business cards, and help you network. You can easily turn a group of important and essential contacts into a well-organized system. Better yet, if you are dissatisfied with your current contact manager app, or whichever one came with your phone, there are several others you can try. Whether you need a contact manager app for personal or business use, here are several that are worth checking out.

Contacts+ is one of the best contact management apps for Android smartphones. It syncs phone contacts, including Google contacts, as well as contacts from email accounts on your phone. It can retrieve contact information from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. This feature shows you profiles of your contacts, up-to-date contact information and social network activity, just to name a few. The app displays a history of all client interactions including emails, messages, phone calls and social media activity. If you need to look up a contact, you can do so either by searching for the contact or by looking through your most recent or important contacts. The app is not just free but also ad-free.


GO Contacts Pro is a free contact manager from the creators of GO Launcher Ex, and it has many features and design options that help you customize your address book. You can create different ringtones for every contact, adjust speed dial settings, and change which contacts you view from all accounts on your phone. GO Contacts Pro has three default themes, but because it is an open app, you can download more themes to match your personal style. You can also use the app to handle text messages and retrieve photos and information from your Google or Facebook account.

Unlike more traditional contact management apps, Cloze builds one location for contacts, social networks and email. Your contacts stay up to date because Cloze syncs the most recent information from social networks and email. Using the app you can also keep up with your social media   tweet, like or dislike, and update your status.

Contakts also takes a different approach to contact management. It gathers as much information as it can on your favorite contacts and displays the information in a very well-designed address book. Contakts gathers the information   phone numbers, email addresses and location data   from Facebook, Google and WhatsApp. Another unique feature: Contakts displays the contacts that you talk to most frequently. It can even produce a graph depicting how much you communicate with each significant contact.

Smartphones are essentially a centralized means of communicating with others, whether through phone calls, text messaging or emails. Dedicated contact managers for Androids do a fantastic job of organizing your contact information. You can choose from many different apps and, best of all, they are free and easy to use.

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