Facial analyzers are efficient security tools that focus on a person's individual facial features. They are used in workplaces, offering a hygienic way to gain entry to secure locations. They offer several features such as increased scan time, storage for several hundred profiles and powerful desktop software for seamless operation.

You can find facial analyzers and facial recognition software in many businesses where security is a primary concern. Places like banks, laboratories, security and law enforcement agencies use these high-tech devices to eliminate security breaches and to pick out individuals that could be persons of interest. Some facial analyzers, like the Acroprint timeQplus FaceVerify, the ZK Technology Multi Bio700 and the Lathem FR700, are also used as biometric time clocks to scan employees' faces upon clocking in and out to prevent payroll fraud, while others are strictly used for identification purposes in videos or images, such as in law enforcement investigations. When used to its full capacity, facial recognition software vastly reduces the occurrences of unauthorized entry in high-security workplaces.

Facial Analyzers: What to Look for

When it comes to facial analyzers, no two are exactly alike. They offer unique features and sensitivity levels that set them apart. Some integrate with existing hardware, while others are sold as aspects of a hardware device that require installation.

Employee Support
Depending on the model you choose, you'll have the ability to store a set number of employees within the analyzer. Most devices are expandable, letting you add several hundred profiles, with select models offering an unlimited amount of expansions. That can be beneficial if you have several hundred or even thousands of employees.

Scan Time
The scan time is an important feature that shouldn't be overlooked. Ideally, the scan time of the facial recognition software should be a few seconds or less. More sophisticated models can scan a person's face and grant or deny access in less than a second.

Hardware vs. Software
Facial analyzers come in either hardware or software versions. Hardware versions are physical devices that you install, while facial recognition software is installed within a device of your choosing. The hardware is sold as a total package. Other products, such as surveillance cameras, offer optional software that integrates with the device to increase its capability. If you're just looking to add the facial recognition software to an existing device, there's no need to purchase hardware.

Facial analyzers connect through various methods, including USB or Ethernet. USB face detection devices are the easiest to install, simply plugging directly into your PC. They upload and download information seamlessly without the need for any specialized equipment. The Ethernet version connects to your LAN network, creating a communications system that lets you access the information from any computer on your network.

When you're shopping for a facial analyzer for your business, it's a good idea to compare various models before making a decision. Compare the most important features, as well as the device's compatibility with your current computer or network, to ensure the facial recognition software is well suited to your intentions.

Acroprint timeQplus FaceVerify Review

The Acroprint timeQplus FaceVerify Bundle is a biometric time clock that uses special face recognition software to scan employees in and out for timekeeping purposes. It has several advanced features that help with the accuracy of payroll functions.

Aimed at eliminating manual check-in, the timeQplus FaceVerify Bundle lets employees clock in and out by scanning their faces, even in dimly lit areas. It's also compatible with badges and PINs entered through a virtual keyboard. When an employee clocks in using any of these methods, the terminal displays the status and the amount of hours worked. With the facial detection capability, employees can no longer clock other employees in, lowering the rate of payroll fraud.

The software that comes with the time clock lets you store 100 employees as is, but it's expandable up to 250 employees, which should work well if you have a smaller business and are looking to streamline your timekeeping process. This face detection terminal is programmable for all types of employees, including salaried and hourly workers. You'll have the benefit of multi-level permissions, including employee, supervisor and administrator levels, to enhance security. Supervisors can review, edit and approve time for employees in their departments.

The facial recognition software automatically calculates the amount of hours an employee works and includes options for overtime, pay periods and shift work. You can then transfer the calculations to your own payroll software, because it works with Paychex, QuickBooks and ADP. The software also makes it easy for you to get the process up and running and provides the option of running and printing several reports to help you keep on top of labor costs. It also has an update that assists with necessary reporting for the Affordable Care Act.

The Acroprint timeQplus FaceVerify Bundle connects directly to your network. It also has a USB slot that you can use for data transfer, either uploading or downloading information to the terminal. It features a TFT touch screen and stores up to 100,000 transactions. The hardware comes with a two-year limited warranty.

Overall, the Acroprint timeQplus FaceVerify Bundle lets you simplify payroll and timekeeping in a single device. Its ability to download and export the reports to your accounting software is a notable feature. However, it does not add any security measures to your workplace other than decreasing the potential for buddy-punching fraud.

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Compumatic Time CFR-20/20 Review

The Compumatic Time CFR-20/20 Face Reader Biometric Face Recognition System is a time clock that scans and verifies each employee by face, effectively ending issues with fraudulent buddy-punching schemes. It also offers a way to ensure the accuracy of your payroll.

With this device, there is no need for time cards or badges; it operates with the terminal and included facial recognition software. It does offer the option to use PINs and badge cards, and it can support 10,000 total users with these methods. Right out of the box, it stores up to 200 facial templates, and the base software has storage for 25 employees. If you need more, it can expand to include unlimited users through upgraded software and by paying an additional fee, making this face analyzer software appropriate for both small and large companies.

Using dual HD camera technology to acquire and capture the 3D image map of a facial profile, this system identifies employees with accuracy. The image recognition software is also capable of scanning in poorly lit areas, such as a hallway, with its infrared light.

It covers typical pay features such as punch rounding; automatic lunch subtraction; sick, personal and vacation time; and overtime. It also works for different types of pay periods, including weekly, bi-weekly and semi-monthly. The data is stored, automatically backed up and password protected for added security. Additionally, it offers numerous color-coded reports, making them easy to review, and it is compatible with a variety of payroll programs, including QuickBooks.

The Compumatic Time CFR-20/20 Face Reader Biometric Face Recognition System features a 3-inch TFT color screen and an intuitive menu for setup and navigation. It runs on your established network and installs via an Ethernet cable. The information is also downloadable using a USB flash drive. A constant computer connection is not necessary, and the battery backup keeps the system functioning in the event of a power outage.

There are numerous accessories available to increase the capacity for employees and increase the system's versatility including the Compumatic-CT101-Professional software, which defines up to 999 different shifts, offers revision zone controlling for unauthorized overtime, and tracks paid and unpaid breaks as well as early and late punch reporting.

The Compumatic Time CFR-20/20 Face Reader Biometric Face Recognition system offers a way for employers to track employee attendance and punctuality while also embracing technology that increases payroll accuracy. While the software is upgradable to an unlimited number of employees, each scanner can only handle up to 200 employees via facial scan. If you have more employees, you'll have to use proximity badges or PINs for up to 10,000 employees or add additional readers to the system.

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FingerTec Review

The FaceID 4 from FingerTec provides accurate identity verification using contactless biometrics technology. It increases security and streamlines payroll with several advanced features.

It features VX 8.0 of Face BioBridge, an algorithm that's capable of detecting facial features during enrollment, so verification is quick – taking only mere seconds – and accurate. In addition to its high-resolution camera, this facial recognition device has an infrared light that makes verification possible even in locations with minimal lighting.

The FingerTec FaceID 4 is ergonomically designed to accommodate easy positioning and alignment of your face for seamless verification. Each terminal stores up to 800 employee facial profiles and 10,000 badges. Additionally, it records up to 100,000 logs for reporting.

FaceID 4 also offers multiple verification methods. In addition to face recognition, it lets you program and verify employees by card or through a unique password. The facial recognition FaceID 4 has the capability to sync with your PC via TCP/IP, which connects it to your workplace network, or you can choose to access it via a standard USB flash drive to upload and download information. You can also link several terminals to the network when you need additional logins for separate entrances.

You can program the 3-inch TFT color screen to display a photo ID or a short message, and also to issue a voice greeting to all employees. The FingerTec FaceID 4 system is capable of several different languages, making it useful in many countries around the globe or for companies employing multi-lingual workers. It includes bundled software, letting you manage your data as an administrator. You can run reports, track employee attendance and tardiness, and integrate the software with a third-party system.

In addition to its function as a biometric time clock, the FaceID 4 has a security option, letting you use it for door access. This prevents unauthorized employees from entering secure locations such as those in a bank, laboratory or factory. It has a siren that goes off when verification fails or the device denies access to a secure location.

The FaceID 4 is an economical face recognition system designed with the moderately sized business in mind. It's designed to be a low-cost option that does not compromise business or security.

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The HIKVISION DS-2CD4132FWD-IZ is a security camera that increases workplace security. It features specialized voice and facial recognition software that provides enhanced security for your home or business.

This face tracking camera offers full 1080p HD video with a maximum resolution of 2048 x 1536. It stores up to 64GB of video with a card in the built-in SD/SDHC/SDXC card slot, so you can review footage at a later time.

The HIKVISION DS-2CD4132FWD-IZ camera has several alarm triggers that alert you to potential issues. You receive an alarm when the camera detects motion, if someone tampers with the alarm, or if the camera disconnects from the internet. It also alerts you to potential issues with the camera's storage, such as insufficient storage space.

With its motorized VF lens, it tracks people and uses smart IR up to approximately 100 feet to focus the camera during both daylight and nighttime conditions. The facial detection software identifies registered users and uses 3D DNR technology to reduce noise, picking out voices and reducing static or similar annoyances in the video feed. A built-in defog feature prevents the camera from fogging up, maintaining its HD-quality picture at all times.

You can also adjust image settings to determine which one works best for your location. You can change the rotation, saturation, brightness, grayscale and contrast through either your Web browser or client software. Smart codec technology lets you compress the video, separating important sections from irrelevant ones at different rates to decrease the file size while still maintaining a high-quality image.

You can connect this facial detection camera via your Local Area Network (LAN) using the Ethernet cable and the RS-232 and RS-485 ports. It is lightweight at just over three pounds. Once you install it, it has its own IP address so you can watch the video feed anywhere with the necessary credentials.

Overall, the HIKVISION DS-2CD4132FWD-IZ face detection camera is a good solution if you're a business owner looking for a way to monitor your workplace. While it offers face tracking capabilities, it does not store employee faces or profiles. However, its technology makes it easy to evaluate video feed, allowing you to delete footage or store it until you need it.

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Lathem FR700 Review

The Lathem FR700 Face Recognition Time Clock is a biometric time clock that uses specialized software to scan a person's face to clock the person in and out. It increases payroll accuracy while eliminating errors and the need to punch in manually.

Designed to replace time cards, keys and badges, the Lathem FR700 Face Recognition Time Clock is an attendance and access control system in one. It scans a person's face automatically with face recognition software, noting the person's unique features with a 3D analysis of 60 facial points in less than a second, providing a hygienic alternative to fingerprint scanners. The images are digitally coded so they cannot be reproduced as a photo. The system as a whole eliminates fraudulent behaviors such as a buddy-punching system where other co-workers scan a person's time card to inflate labor hours.

With this facial recognition device, you can store information for up to 100 employees right out of the box, and it's expandable up to 500 employees for larger businesses. It comes with powerful software for your desktop computer that lets you edit, run reports and even export the data to your payroll provider or software for fast, accurate payments that eliminate entry errors. It is compatible with QuickBooks, ADP and Paychex.

Additionally, this biometric time clock lets you set up an optional access control system where you can give special permissions to admit employees to secure internal locations. You can set it up for accessibility using face detection only, a PIN and face recognition combination or a simple proximity badge.

The Lathem FR700 Face Recognition Time Clock connects your computer network through a standard Ethernet connection. If you don't have an Ethernet connection, you can still use it as a standalone unit with a standard USB flash drive to upload or download information. This facial recognition device features a 3.5-inch LCD display and mounts to the wall with a patented incline design that makes it easily accessible.

You can find several add-on accessories to increase the versatility of the Lathem FR700 Face Recognition Time Clock. Key fobs, badge racks, support agreements and more help custom fit the system to your specific business needs.

Overall, the Lathem FR700 Face Recognition Time Clock is a good solution if you're concerned about accurate time-keeping records. With its optional access control, it doubles as an effective face detection security system, and its ability to transfer data directly to your payroll processor is a plus.

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uAttend MN2000 Reviews

The uAttend MN2000 is a biometric facial recognition time clock that integrates with the uAttend cloud-based application for streamlined reporting and easy employee interaction.

While it offers face detection capabilities, this device also works with RFID badges or PINs for additional clock-in methods. It comes with 10 free RFID badges and a PIN pad so you can set up the method that works best for your business.

The uAttend MN2000 is a standalone hardware device, but it requires a monthly subscription to its software to store and analyze data. As the time clock uses the facial recognition feature, it sends the data to the web-based program in real time. You can use the time clock in plug-and-play mode or configure it with an IP address on a wired router system.

This face recognizer time clock comes with a six-foot Ethernet cable and includes a power cord. Use the device on a tabletop or mount it on a wall with the included hardware for easier access.

The uAttend MN200 comes with free technical support. It also has a free lifetime replacement warranty as long as the uAttend account is active. If you're running a large factory or a business that requires more than one time clock, the system supports multiple readers, as many as you require, without the need to network them together.

It has a large color touch-screen display where employees can view their total hours worked for the pay period, viewing the data in real time. Additionally, it is programmable to display personalized messages for each employee. The facial recognition software stores up to 200 employee facial profiles but has unlimited RFID or PIN usage, making it an option for both large and small businesses.

The time clock program lets you do more than track employee check-in and check-out times. You can upload your company logo straight to the device to personalize it. The facial recognition software also allows for department transfers, and it supports weekly, bi-weekly or monthly pay cycles. It compiles and exports the data to several programs, including QuickBooks, Baron Payroll and Excel for integrated payroll.

The program has advanced features that allow you to track break time compliance, sick days, vacation days and other variables. The cost of the monthly subscription varies based on the number of employees and clocks you have.

Although it has limited space for employee data, the uAttend MN2000 Facial Recognition Unit Time Clock is an inexpensive option for simplifying the accounting process. The ability to use more than one without networking the devices adds to its versatility.

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ZK Technology Multi Bio700 Review

The ZK Technology Multi Bio700 Multi Biometric Access Control and Time & Attendance Reader is a security reader that identifies individuals through finger, password, face and PIN identification to eliminate manual punch errors.

This reader offers touch-free biometric authentication with face detection for up to 400 faces. The image recognition software offers recognition for 200 fingerprints with accuracy and precision. You can expand the fingerprint capacity to 5,000 employees and the face recognition to 3,000 employees, making it useful for large companies.

The face recognition and fingerprint identification algorithms offer fast identification and prevent co-workers from punching in for others. Employers gain added security by eliminating fraudulent time collection and attendance records. When used in the fingerprint and face recognition modes, it verifies identities or rejects unknown persons in one second.

The design of the ZK Technology Multi Bio700 Multi Biometric Access Control and Time & Attendance Reader identifies the size, shape and position of each employee’s nose, jaw, eyes and cheekbones. It uses this information to create a biometric template, uniquely identifying and verifying each user. The hardware detects facial features in dim light with facial recognition software, making it a good choice for a number of locations.

The Technology Multi Bio700 Multi Biometric Access Control and Time & Attendance Reader has a capacity of 10,000 logs, with the option to access a capacity of 10,000 ID cards or a Mifare care module for extra security features.

This facial recognition device features a 3-inch TFT color touch screen with an interactive user interface. It weighs two pounds and is compact in size, which should provide easy installation. You may also choose to use the unit for standalone access and connect it to an exit switch door lock, door sensor and alarm for relay contacts.

There are two keys on the face of the ZK Technology Multi Bio700 Multi Biometric Access Control and Time & Attendance Reader, making it convenient to switch from finger to face recognizer mode or to ring the doorbell for access.

The unit quickly downloads or uploads time and attendance data using a USB connection. You can add an exit button as an accessory for convenience.

The ZK Technology Multi Bio700 Multi Biometric Access Control and Time & Attendance Reader is an ideal solution if you're an employer with concerns about accurate time and attendance records. The face recognition technology, number of facial templates stored and the convenience of USB data transferring and uploading are notable features for this unit. However, if you're looking to use this system for access control, bells or door sensors, you need to purchase compatible third-party peripherals.

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ZKAccess BioCam 300 Review

The ZKAccess BioCam 300 is an IP camera that features integrated facial recognition software. It scans a person's face and displays the person's information. The camera helps identify authorized users while increasing time clock accuracy and security in the workplace.

Designed as a replacement for ID badges, keys and time cards, the ZKAccess BioCam 300 not only grants access to an internal location, it also allows you to clock in and out, effectively eliminating buddy-punch fraud that plagues many workplaces. This face detection device identifies users from a distance of up to 12.5 feet and has an infrared light source that makes user identification easy in dim lighting. If the camera fails to identify an employee or cannot read the facial profile, the employee can scan an ID card. The software then compares the facial profile it is scanning with the photo on the ID card for another level of security.

The facial recognition and approval or rejection process takes less than a second. The device links both the video surveillance and access control functions to engage the lock control operation, which works with door switches, door sensors and Wiegand input.

The BioCam 300 stores a maximum of 400 faces and 100,000 logs. It is not expandable, so it is not ideal for workplaces with more than 400 employees. Additionally, it has a remote control that makes setting up profiles and external operation more convenient.

When used as a video surveillance device, it logs the faces it detects offering real-time monitoring with its embedded Web server. Video transmission uses a CMOS sensor and an H.264 coding algorithm. Up to 12 users can access the feed at the same time, with three code streams that allow for four users each.

The ZKAccess BioCam 300 face detection device connects to your computer via an Ethernet connection. You can either suspend it or mount it to the wall. The 3.5-inch LCD screen is upgradable to an optional 7-inch screen, and it displays the user's face and information upon detection, along with approval or denial. In case of a breach, the facial recognition software triggers one of several types of alarms, and it can notify a designated email address of the alarm trigger.

There are several add-on accessories available that work in collaboration with the ZKAccess BioCam 300 facial recognition device, including an external RF reader, K1 exit buttons and an external power source to use the unit as a standalone device.

If you wish to control access to secure internal locations, the ZKAccess BioCam 300 work well for your business. While it has timekeeping abilities that let you clock in and out, it does not appear to have the management software behind it to help store this information for payroll purposes.

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