Although the iPhone comes with a built-in app for Contacts, it is rather limiting in what it can do. For instance, you cannot group contacts or email them directly from the app. For companies or individuals who frequently send mass emails or emails to specific groups, there are a number of better contact management apps on the market.

Top Free iPhone Contact Management Apps

1. Orbit Social Phonebook
Developed by Trilibis Mobile, the best feature about Orbit Social Phonebook is that it allows you to organize all of your contacts from Facebook, Twitter, SMS, email and other sources in one easy location. It also automatically creates a  Favorites  list for you based on people that you communicate with most often   a time-saver when you need to find a contact quickly. Furthermore, this app includes enhanced A to Z scrolling and the ability to control communications from your contact groups.

2. Connect
Developed by Dexem, this app has high ratings from users for its appealing visual design and its functionality. You can arrange contacts into as many groups as you want, in whatever order you want. The search function even returns groups, making it easy to find whole groups of people at once. The app relies more on the swipe of a finger rather than on clicks, which many users prefer.

3. FridgeDoor
Do you ever put a new contact into your phone and wish that you had the ability to add little notes about that person? Developed by YCC, FridgeDoor allows you to add in notes with each contact. It also has several features that make organization easy. You can create, edit and rename contact groups; edit and delete notes; send emails to selected groups; make phone calls; rearrange groups as needed and more. It is even synced with Google Maps to show you pin drop locations. One setback with this app is that creating groups and moving contacts sometimes causes them to go missing.

4. MailShot
From the developers at Soluble, this contact management app is simpler and more straightforward than many others, but if all you need to do is send group emails, then this may be the app for you. You can use it to send a group email from the mail application of your choice   whether you use Gmail, Apple Mail or any other built-in email app. The only limitation is that you can only create three or fewer groups with a maximum of five people in each group for free. More than that and you have to purchase the upgrade.

If you often send emails or messages from your phone to the masses, you need one of these contact management apps. If you want to take your cell phone networking several steps further, there are also paid apps that provide a bevy of amazing organizational features for a price. However, for the average user, any one of these free apps can make an enormous and time-saving difference on how you conduct personal and professional communications.

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