HOA management software comes in a variety of formats, with features such as membership directories, virtual communities, messaging systems and accounting integrations to manage dues or rents. Choosing the right solution is important because some software is geared toward business use while other options offer functions for direct use by homeowners within an association. Some software options include TOPS Professional, Buildium and Smart HOA. You can also check out our other articles on HOA software.

HOA Software: What to Look For

Before you start your search for HOA management software, consider how you will use it so you know what features might be important for your organization and customers. Other considerations include how the software is delivered and who the target audience for the product is.

Cloud Based or Installed
Most software for HOA groups or businesses comes in either cloud-based or installed versions. Web-based cloud software resides online, offering versatile access options and reducing costs associated with server or hardware requirements. Installed versions might be a good choice for single offices or individuals managing an HOA environment, but client-side installations often restrict how information can be shared. For most HOA groups and related small-business environments, cloud software is a cost-effective and efficient solution.

Business or Organization
Most HOA property management software falls into two categories: software designed for property-management businesses and solutions designed for organizations run by homeowners. The former might include functions for accounting, maintenance and work order management and contracting. The latter is more likely to include membership management and communications functions as primary features. If a software seems to target business environments, it might not be the right choice for a group of homeowners and vice versa.

Basic HOA community management requires features such as contact and membership management, directories, email functions, and document management. Nice-to-have features include community forums, calendars and online payment processing for HOA dues. Businesses managing subdivisions or condos can benefit from all of those features, but they would also want integrated accounting or the ability to interface with existing accounting software as well as property management solutions, such as online work tickets.

Security is essential for any HOA program customer. At minimum, you need to safeguard homeowner data, which is likely to include full names, addresses, phone numbers and emails. If you accept online payments for either HOA fees or rent, you'll also require HOA solutions that are compliant with payment card industry standards. Secure software protects homeowners and business owners or associations.

A strong homeowner's association software program can reduce stress for committees or others in charge of the association. By streamlining processes and communications, you also reduce the risk of misunderstandings or inefficiencies. Choosing the right software can help you achieve these benefits.

AssociationVoice Review

AssociationVoice is cloud-based HOA management software designed to assist HOA communities and building managers with communications, accounting and daily management functions. The software comes in a variety of editions and features a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Choose from HOA management software for communities, enterprises, buildings or property managers. You can also select a mobile edition so tenants and employees can access functionality on mobile devices. The basic edition of AssociationVoice is called Lite, and it includes professional web hosting, DIY publishing, tracking of payments, template designs, event and calendar management, and website traffic reports. The Lite edition also includes the ability for residents to pay dues, receive alerts and access documents published by HOA community management.

Other editions include functionality such as role-based access, multiple pages, forms and tracking, and daily backups. All of the editions of this HOA software include community boards that let residents and management companies post and read meeting minutes, make announcements, post regulations and publish calendar events.

Some AssociationVoice webpages let you take advantage of advertiser functions so you can generate extra revenue through the pages. Enterprise and business editions include integration with common account software so you don't have to re-enter information about dues and fees paid through the HOA software.

Subscriptions to AssociationVoice are priced per edition per month. Each edition has a starting fee, and monthly fees may be more for organizations with more residents or units. Selecting optional functionality, such as payment services, may also increase the cost of this software.

AssociationVoice provides web and telephone support for its product, and it also offers some tips online. You can access a sample implementation plan on the AssociationVoice site to help you prepare for implementing new HOA software in your community or business. Some decisions you might need to make if you choose AssociationVoice are who will administer the site and how will you educate residents about functionality on the site.

AssociationVoice offers several levels of service, making it possible for different types of communities and building management companies to find a software option that is right for them. The software is web based, letting you connect remotely with tenants while maintaining an advertising presence online. AssociationVoice works with you to set up the website initially, which might make this a good choice for those with little experience in managing web portals.

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ATG Review

C3 is an HOA management software solution from Advanced Technology Group, Inc. Available for both desktop and mobile access, C3 operates in a cloud environment and makes use of modules so you can build a solution that meets the needs of your HOA community or property management business.

C3's mobile platform lets community managers keep up with communications and work when they aren't in the office. The mobile platform caches information when connections are slow or unavailable, so managers can work from almost any location. The mobile messenger timestamps communications, providing an audit trail should complaints or concerns arise.

A financial management module within this HOA software includes general ledger functionality, accounts payable and receivable, budgeting, and delinquency management. Statements, invoices, reports and 1099 forms can all be generated directly from the software, and you can integrate some reports and functionality with third-party solutions.

The association management module of this HOA software lets you maintain a history of property owners or tenants, process mass communications, and create custom letters and templates. The HOA community management software also includes a work order module so you can enter work requirements, assign tasks and manage schedules. You can also convert work orders into reports, vendor requests or invoices as needed.

As cloud-based software, C3 offers web integration and portal functionality for homeowners or tenants. Homeowners can log in to view bills or account balances, manage account history, and make payment for dues or work charges. You can also use the communication modules to provide homeowners or residents with updates regarding regulations or events.

C3 does provide full-service support for its HOA management customers. Support is available via phone and email. The product is automatically updated on a regular basis, and technical support includes data conversions when importing information from other software. C3 also offers online training for those new to the product or for HOA communities that are seeking to implement the solution among employees and residents.

In addition to technical support, the C3 software includes some security measures. Administrators can create role-based permissions, which are protected by password requirements. Admins can also reset passwords and create user profiles.

C3 is a comprehensive HOA management solution that would likely work for small to large organizations. Since the product is customizable and needs vary by organization, you do have to contact Advanced Technology Group for a quote.

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bazinga! Review

Designed by Joseph Nakhla after he witnessed HOA community frustrations for himself, bazinga is an HOA community management tool rather than a piece of business software. The program lets residents and councils communicate, document and monitor an HOA community.

The base platform for this HOA management software does not cost anything to use, though the developer is working on a premium model that will offer paid add-ons for councils. The base platform includes record-keeping functions, such as resident and unit lists, emergency contact numbers, historical archives and an administrator's journal.

Community and communication functions included in this HOA management platform are private messaging, mobile notifications, community notices and open messaging, email notifications, and desktop notifications. Residents can log into the HOA software via the internet and make requests and track work orders. Councils can log in to track amenity bookings, manage workflow and customize tickets.

The HOA software is cloud based, which means data is accessible from anywhere, and you can use a variety of devices to manage functionality. You can set up role-based permissions to protect sensitive information, and the bazinga platform lets you create document organization and take advantage of cloud security and backups. Residents might benefit from cloud and mobile access by receiving instant updates from the council or neighbors about events or issues within the community. The platform can be used to plan an event, inform residents about new regulations or conduct informal polling of the community.

According to the company website, bazinga is well suited for buildings with anywhere from 10 to 300 units. You can use the platform for community management even if the building itself is professionally managed since the platform is designed for council members. The company provides a kit that helps councils inform residents of the program when it is implemented, as getting residents on board with the platform is important to making use of the functionality in the software.

This software does not include any accounting- or business-based modules, as it isn't designed for that type of activity. If you are an HOA group that is also managing business activities for your community, you will either need to opt for another software or use bazinga in conjunction with an accounting and management product.

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Buildium Review

More than HOA management software, Buildium is designed to help property managers attract and manage tenants. Functionality includes rental applications and listings, marketing, and accounting.

This HOA software is cloud based, which reduces expenses for your business because you don't have to deal with hardware and client installations. You can also access the software from your mobile devices, letting you manage your properties and tenants from anywhere that you have internet access.

Pricing for this property and HOA management software is per unit, and pricing structures are designed to become increasingly cost effective as you add units. In addition to a monthly subscription that is rated according to the number of units you manage, you can also purchase add-on services such as 1099 filing, check printing, letter printing and mail services, tenant screening, and ePayments. All new Buildium subscriptions come with a 15-day free trial, so you can take time to determine if the software meets your needs before making a payment.

In addition to HOA software, Buildium provides a website that lets you market your properties to potential tenants, and you can also syndicate your listings with other online sites to broaden your reach. Potential tenants can complete an application when they find your listing, and then Buildium assists you with screening tenants through background and credit checks.

Buildium includes integrated and optional accounting modules to help you run your business. You can use the ePayment module to send and collect money electronically so you don't have to go door-to-door to pick up physical rent checks or wait for tenants to come by an office. Buildium includes full-ledger accounting and financial reporting, letting you keep track of the economic health of your rental units.

Property and HOA community management often means tedious work, such as tracking leases and maintenance requests. Buildium includes functions for automating some of these tasks, and you can also use the software to create letters and mailings that are printed and mailed from a remote location.

Buildium stores data on Rackspace servers and regularly backs up the data. You don't need to store or back up data on your own computers, and Buildium states that it uses industry-standard encryption to protect your data. If you decide to cancel your account, you can export your data and Buildium will keep it on file for 90 days in case you need to access it or want to return to the software.

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CondoManager Review

Available in three editions and featuring automation to increase efficiency for condo management companies, Condo Manager Pro can be deployed on client or cloud servers. Choose from Pro, Pro+ or the Live edition of this HOA management software; the Live edition can be accessed from remote devices anywhere you go.

The Pro+ edition of this condo management and HOA software comes with six included modules, including work order management, delinquent account tracking, violation tracking, profitability analyzer, utility billing and direct payment. You can also choose optional modules, such as a cost center module to track expenses across the organization, a vacation rental module to help you manage vacation properties and a commercial module to help you manage company books.

Website and backup services are also available in addition to the basic HOA management software. Website services let you access your data from any location; computer and backup services automate data backup and store your data on secure cloud servers for recovery as needed.

Condo Manager Pro pricing is not published as the costs of the software depend on the modules you choose. You can complete an online request for a quote to find out more about software pricing that is aligned with your needs.

The Pro+ edition of this HOA software lets you manage unlimited condo units. It includes accounting functionality for the accrual accounting method, and you can integrate accounting with existing financial programs if desired. The HOA community management software lets you manage tenants, buildings, vendors and committees in a single location. You can pay invoices through the program; print deposit slips; and collect HOA fees and rent through ACH payments, credit card or lockbox processing of checks and cash.

The program also lets you add an unlimited number of bank accounts and reconcile them each month, reducing the need for data entry. You can also customize statements, brand invoices and other communications to your residents. The software saves all communication history so you can provide proof of notifications or compliance. You can also take advantage of over 400 reports to help manage and automate your business processes.

While this program is aimed at firms that handle large or multiple condo complexes, it would likely work for any building manager. To get an idea of how the program might work for you, you can download a demo version for free.

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Interaction Review

HOA management solutions from Interaction Community Systems offers online services for HOA managers and their communities. The service is fairly straightforward and can be set up in a few minutes, which is a good benefit for community managers and homeowners who are not familiar with complex software.

This HOA management software comes in four options to meet the needs of homeowners, management firms, organizations and condo associations. The lowest-cost HOA community management solution from Interaction Community Systems is a website for any community type. The website allows unlimited pages and features an image and document library so you can keep homeowners informed of property requirements, publish contract templates or rules and regulations, and share information about upcoming events.

The management version of this HOA software is priced per community and features everything from the website version as well as 100 core features for managing members and work processes. Regardless of the version selected, Interaction Community Systems does not charge a setup fee, although accounting features come with an additional monthly fee. Organizations that want to use the website to accept HOA fee payments must have their own merchant account, which means additional fees might be associated with each payment.

The HOA management software does include a secure email feature, which is beneficial in both a property management and an association management environment. Notifications regarding violations or past-due fees can be sent confidentially and securely through the email system, and you can use the system to track responses and record notification times.

Interaction Community Systems also offers online social functions for your community, including message boards and forums where members can share ideas, questions and event information. An event calendar lets you post one-time events, such as a community cookout, or manage recurring items such as payment due dates, garbage pickup dates, or pool opening and closings. The software includes a voting function so you can pass resolutions or just get an idea about community needs. The function limits votes for each household to ensure fair outcomes and lets you manage voting completely online.

Overall, Interaction Community Systems is a cost-effective solution for small to midsized homeowner's associations. The software also has some accounting and property management functions that might make it a good choice for businesses managing communities.

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MyMemberData Review

MyMemberData's HOA management software is a database program used to manage information within an HOA environment. The program is designed for use on personal computers, and it comes with a license for a single-computer installation.

This HOA software is installed on a computer, so you won't be able to access data from a mobile device unless you are using a VPN client or similar access to your own network. The software is also not meant to be used in a community environment. Instead, it is meant to allow one or a few people in an HOA or property office to manage data. You'll need Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 to run the program, and database functionality requires MS Access 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013.

The software is sold as a single unit, and you can opt to purchase a support package. The support package includes upgrades, which you have to pay for if you don't buy support. It also includes up to four hours of custom programming each year which you can use to form integrations with other software, develop custom reports or troubleshoot issues with your software.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of this HOA management software is that it lets you track information for the entire complex or community without investing in expensive technical solutions. You can track owners, vendors, properties and contacts. The HOA software lets you track compliance events, log insurance policies and claims, keep a general ledger, and perform some accounting duties, such as lien processing and automated invoicing.

Other functions included in the HOA community management software are committee management, inventory tracking, task management and collection tracking. You can use the program to keep meeting minutes, and a built-in mail merge and letter generation function lets you create communications quickly for disbursement among tenants or property owners.

More than 200 out-of-box reports provide information about daily management, let you analyze profitability for your organization or building, and help you generate data for essential business functions such as filing tax returns or preparing profit and loss statements. MyMemberData provides support via email and telephone, so you can get explanations of reports and other functionality as needed if you purchase the support package.

The developer provides a trial download of this software so you can try out the functionality for yourself. For larger organizations, a single PC deployment is not likely to be enough, but this software should work for single-building managers and smaller HOA organizations.

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MyStrata Review

MyStrata is HOA management software that incorporates accounting functions, such as invoicing and budgeting, with communication tools and meeting management so you can oversee HOA and condo functions using a single solution. This HOA software might work for self-managed buildings or communities, property managers, or condo complexes.

Strata provides functionality for both property managers and tenants. The software package includes a website that lets board members, tenants and property owners access communications, pay bills and dues, and share information and opinions. The customized portal solutions let property managers create self-service condo and HOA management situations with bill pay, form downloads and work ticket requests all available online. Placing some of this ability in the hands of tenants and property owners lets management teams concentrate on areas such as new-tenant attraction and capital improvements.

This HOA software includes options for document management, reporting, invoicing, scheduling, ledger accounting, procurement and marketing. Pricing for the software depends on the modules you select and how many people or units will be accessing the programs; Strata provides a contact form so interested property and HOA managers can request a customized quote. You can also view an online demo of the software before requesting a quote if you want more information about some of the functionality.

One feature of this HOA community management software that makes it useful to all stakeholders in a property is its communication capabilities. You can use templates to create webpages and forms, share a variety of documents, and communicate via message boards or private messaging. Because you can set up role-based permissions, it's possible to let everyone in the community have some access to the software, creating a central communication point for rules, ideas and plans.

MyStrata can be integrated with existing third-party software, such as payment or enterprise solutions, making it a good choice for large corporations, too. You can integrate existing accounting software, downloading data directly from myStrata to avoid delays or errors caused by data entry. You can also use myStrata to inform or manage real estate listings online and link to other software offered by Strata to create a full suite of functions.

Because myStrata involves so many modules and options, it may not be the right choice for small HOA communities without any technical resources. For larger organizations, the software provides efficiency and plenty of growth potential.

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Smart HOA Review

Smart HOA is HOA management software that is suitable for property management organizations or community home owner associations. The system includes features for tracking work, deliveries, parking and other critical home association functions.

This HOA management software features a homeowner database to keep track of contacts and homeowner information. A homeowner portal lets members access critical information or report incidents, and HOA board members can use this web-based HOA software to create and track work orders and manage package delivery to residents. The portal also offers incident and violation tracking so boards can maintain compliance with HOA rules throughout the community.

One aspect of HOA management is overseeing renovations or changes made by homeowners to ensure they are in keeping with HOA rules. Smart HOA lets community leaders manage architectural processes through an application, approval and monitoring function. You can also assign and manage parking, approve guest parking, and generate parking permits for your community, a feature which might be helpful in a gated community or condo complex.

This HOA software is web based, which means you don't need to manage hardware or install software on any device. The cloud software is also available on almost any device, letting HOA members communicate while on the go. The software works on PC and Mac computers, smartphones, and tablets. The software is available in several packages; the basic package is priced per unit and includes HOA community management functionality, such as pet records, key records, parking management and emergency preparation reports.

Optional modules can be added to the basic software for an additional fee per unit. Optional modules include the homeowner portal, incidents and work order management, parking, guest access, maintenance management, moving and deliveries, and architecture tracking.

The manufacturer reports that Smart HOA is designed with the latest security protocols in mind. This includes a wildcard certificate with 256-bit encryption, intrusion prevention and monitoring for suspicious network behavior. Since data is housed in a cloud environment, Smart HOA also takes care to manage servers to ensure safety of data, and this includes cooling, power backup and fire protection.

Smart HOA comes with several support options for HOA associations. You can access support via email and phone, and the developer also provides video tutorials online that assist you with common concerns or questions.

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TOPS Professional Review

TOPS Professional HOA management software provides accounting, management and automation functions for homeowner's associations and condo management companies. The software lets you manage an unlimited number of communities through accounting processes, reports, web publishing and communications.

This HOA software features automation options that let you run daily tasks in off hours or overnight to reduce load on the system and create efficiencies in your processes. You can choose to automate billing and payment functions, reports, or publishing. Reports generated in TOPS Professional can be exported to Excel, Word or PDF files for optimal communication capabilities. You can make edits to the reports once you export them for the purpose of presentations, homeowner communications or business filings.

TOPS Professional HOA software features a user-friendly interface. The interface is designed with a Windows-style concept, so it is simple for HOA management staff and volunteers to learn. You can select from cloud- or client-based deployment of the software to meet your technical resource and security needs.

This HOA community management software includes access to cash or accrual accounting so you can manage finances directly from the program or use the export reports to integrate data with an existing accounting system. The program includes hundreds of out-of-the-box reports to help you monitor and maintain daily activities and needs within your HOA environment, and real-time web publishing lets you push important information out to residents in a timely manner.

TOPS Professional lets you manage accounts receivable functions related to HOA dues and fees. You might also be able to manage rent functions through the program, and it offers some assistance with lockbox services and setup so you can secure physical payments and communications. In addition to managing homeowners or tenants, you can manage vendors through TOPS, reducing the need to use disparate programs in your property office.

Management functionality within TOPS Professional also includes work orders, violation tracking, gate security and phone messaging. Some mobile functionality is available with the program, particularly if you opt for the cloud-based deployment.

Pricing for TOPS Professional is not published online as the developer states that costs depend on deployment method and optional modules. You can request a customized quote on the TOPS software website by providing some details about your HOA community or management company. You can also request a free demo of the software to learn more about its functionality.

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