Laser pointers serve several purposes. You can use them at office meetings to highlight important parts of presentations or at home as a high-tech toy for feline companions. Their powerful lights reach distant targets, pointing out objects for discussion without requiring any physical reach. A few laser pointers on the market are the Quarton INFINITER 2000 Green Beam Pointer, the Wicked S3 Arctic Laser and the simple Orion SkyLine Deluxe.

These tools clarify topics in lecture halls, too. Both students and professors use laser pointers for educational purposes. They help just as much on hikes and tours; guides no longer need to use physical extensions to point out nearby plants or significant historical points. Laser pointers highlight the same information without any extra effort.

Laser Pointers: What to Look For

Depending on the situation, some laser pointers work better than others. When you need to point out constellations, a more powerful beam should be used to point toward the spot in the sky. Only a high power laser pointer creates this type of beam. When you want to distract a pet, you need far less power. Other factors, like the laser's color and the availability of accessories will also affect your decision.

Power Output
Laser pointers vary in many ways, but power output remains the most important to consider. High power levels, which you can measure in milliwatts (mW), create more vibrant looking beams. They reach further than their low-power counterparts and can sometimes ignite matches when pointed directly at them. These high-power laser pointers do not make safe choices for most simple tasks.

Lower power outputs still generate enough energy to shine a laser point across the room. They require less bulk to function, and they generate fewer milliwatts than more powerful laser pointers.

Laser Color
While red lasers remain the most common for use in homes, blue and green laser pointers are growing in popularity. These alternate laser colors come with higher power levels, and you can use them for long-range tasks. Green laser pointers work most effectively for astronomy classes, while red pointers handle many everyday tasks.

Home laser pointers require a far shorter range than those needed for more intense activities. Long-range uses require a few additional features. For example, blue laser pointers usually collimate at a greater rate than red lasers. This ensures a focused point at further distances, which allows you to stand a greater distance from your target without losing precision.

Home laser pointers sometimes come with alternate heads to alter the beam. These caps project lines, dots and simple images instead of the traditional pinpoint of a standard laser. Other laser pointer accessories include lanyards for better control and cases for protection during transport.

The right laser pointer depends on the task you are using it for. Long range jobs require lasers with higher levels of collimation. Tasks that require visible beams may require green laser pointers for night viewing, and everyday home tasks need lower power levels to ensure safety. Find out everything you need to know before choosing your next laser pointer.

JD G301 Green Laser Pointer Review

The G301 Green Laser Pointer generates a powerful 5 milliwatt (mW) beam, and because of this power, it comes with a solid set of safety features. This useful device allows you to adjust the beam's intensity to suit a variety of uses.

This laser pointer generates a green beam that falls just within most consumer power regulations. This means that the laser can be sold in most areas, but it still projects with enough power to damage the human eye. Green laser pointers produce beams that can often be seen during the night, even without the aid of extra dust or sprays. You can use this 5 milliwatt beam to point toward constellations in the night sky as easily as you would point to a wall across the room. At maximum distance, this laser can reach up to 5 miles away.

The laser pointer comes with a solid aluminum body. This protects the interior components and also allows for more advanced safety features. All high powered laser pointers should offer some sort of protection against accidental use, and most stop with a pressure-sensitive button that you press when you want power. The G301 takes these safety measures a step further.

This laser pointer comes with a locking mechanism at the base of the device that prevents unauthorized use. It requires a key to unlock the device, so you can store it away without accidentally turning it on. This also keeps children from opening the case and using the laser pointer. You can lock the device with a turn of the key and store it the same way you would with any other powerful tool.

The front of the laser pointer adjusts the focal point of the green laser beam. You can turn it one way for a slightly wider beam and another for a more focused ray. At the sharpest intensity, this green laser pointer creates enough heat to light a match without any friction on the tip. This makes it a powerful and versatile tool for a wide range of applications. You can use this highly focused beam to start fires while camping or widen it to point across a full-size lecture hall without switching devices.

The G301 Green Laser Pointer generates a powerful green beam. It delivers 5 milliwatts of power, and you can lock it away between uses. The customizable beam head adds versatility to the device, so you can use it outdoors at night or every day at the office.

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Kensington Presenter Expert Review

The best laser pointers can be seen in any lighting condition, and the Presenter Expert allows you to highlight important information with its powerful green laser that is visible even when the room isn’t dark. It has dedicated buttons used to operate slideshow software such as PowerPoint, Google Presentations and Apple Keynote. The buttons on the Presenter Expert are backlit, so you can still see what you are doing in dark rooms. The backlight automatically turns off after three minutes of inactivity. It also has a low-battery indicator so you don’t run out of battery during an important presentation.

The cursor control turns the green laser pointer into a device that functions as a mouse. There is a joystick that controls your PC’s onscreen cursor. It has a center button for scrolling and right and left buttons that correspond to right and left clicks on a mouse. You can use the cursor control if you are presenting information on the web or a program outside of your presentation software.

The pointer is ergonomically designed to make it feel comfortable in your hand. It comes with a dongle that stores presentations up to 2GB. This is a handy way to transport your presentation. When you are ready to use it, the USB dongle goes into your PC. You can move around freely with this wireless pointer, as it has a wide 150-foot range.

The Kensington Presenter Expert comes with a USB 2.4 GHz wireless receiver that stores in the presenter, two AAA batteries, a zippered carrying case and a user guide. It has everything you need to use it right out of the box.

The Kensington Presenter Expert is worth considering if you are looking for a tool that also helps you present seamless slideshows. Its strong green laser helps you point out important details, even in a brightly lit room. It also functions as a mouse to provide flexibility in the information you present.

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LaserPointerPro 30mW Purple Laser Pointer Review

The LaserPointerPro 30mW Purple Laser Pointer has a purple beam, and comes with a star-pattern head that projects a unique design on target surfaces. This unit comes with a built-in clip to help you carry it, but the patterned tip limits its usefulness in most situations.

This high-power laser pointer delivers 30 milliwatts (mW) of power, which restricts the locations where it can be sold. Many areas limit consumer laser intensity to 5 milliwatts or less and cite safety issues as the primary reason. This LaserPointerPro laser pointer exceeds this limitation, as it generates significantly more powerful beams than many consumer models. The purple beam can reach distances more than 200 yards away.

While you may want to use this device for presentations, the included cap provides no practical purpose. This purple laser pointer projects its beam in a star pattern, which could, theoretically, add to the ambiance of a room. More realistically, this laser pointer has a hard time directing attention to a specific point in space. This device could project a visible beam in some situations, but the included head diffuses much of the unit's power.

This purple laser pointer requires 2 AAA batteries for power. It stores them in the center of the frame, which looks and weighs about the same as a large pen. You can carry it with you in your pocket and use the included clip to keep the unit in place as you move. This simple design remains one of the most common among consumer laser pointers, and it would be well suited for both office and educational environments.

The body of the device measure a little more than 6 inches in length, and it uses a button for power. As a safety feature, the button requires constant pressure for the laser to function. This ensures that the laser does not project beams unexpectedly, and it protects the battery from accidental discharge. This unit does not include any other advanced safety features, and you cannot lock the device in the off position during storage.

The LaserPointerPro 30mW Purple Laser Pointer delivers a powerful laser beam with an unusual star pattern. The body design makes it easy to carry, but the head of the device thwarts many practical uses. This laser pointer could offer entertainment in some situations.

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Logitech Wireless Presenter R400 Review

The Logitech Wireless Presenter R400 works as a multi-functional device for offices and classrooms. It comes with a red laser and a remote control for slideshow presentations. While it may not be the most powerful laser pointer on the market, the shape and size ensure easy use in many different situations.

The beam itself delivers less than 1 milliwatt (mW) of power. This means that the device does not even reach the common consumer Class III rating. This laser pointer is a Class II device. The lower classification keeps this device well within most regulations for consumer power, but it also limits the places and ways it can be used

The laser pointer does perform well at long distances. You can shine it for up to 50 feet without losing the pointer's focus, but it does not extend much further. For this reason, the laser pointer performs most effectively indoors. You can use it in a lecture hall, but you may need to remain near the front of the room for the device to function properly.

The unit also comes with a slideshow remote. You can use five distinct buttons to control your presentations. The top button controls the laser pointer, and it requires constant pressure to function. The two buttons below that control forward and backward motion through the slideshow. You can return to previous slides anytime you need to. The two buttons beneath those control the start and end of the slideshow. The left button looks like a traditional start symbol, and pressing it starts the slideshow. The remaining button returns you to a black screen. Both of these controls serve to make the laser pointer effective in business presentations, as you can start and pause while you speak.

The R400 connects with most computers wirelessly. You can stand about 30 feet from your router without losing performance from the remote, and you can use the laser pointer concurrently with the other features.

The Logitech Wireless Presenter R400 Laser Pointer delivers a low-powered laser and a breadth of presentation features. The design of the device keeps the laser controls in close proximity to the slideshow controls, and you can use the buttons without losing focus on during important presentations.

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Orion SkyLine Deluxe Review

The Orion SkyLine Deluxe is a high-power green laser pointer, the type of pointer commonly used by astronomers. Green is preferable for night sky viewing over other colors because the human eye is more sensitive to it. You can point the beam to highlight constellations, and it appears that the light from the laser reaches all the way up to where you’re pointing. This green laser pointer is powerful enough to work even in bright night skies.

The best laser pointers are powerful enough to use when observing the night sky, even in less-than-ideal conditions. The SkyLine Deluxe has a 3mW to 5mW power output that allows the laser to pinpoint objects in the sky. Since this is a powerful laser, you have to keep the power button depressed to operate it, and the laser turns off when the button is released. This is a safety feature that protects users against unintentional exposure to the laser beam. This pointer has a Class IIIa rating, which is strong enough to damage eyes, so make sure to read the warning labels included on the pointer. This is powerful enough that you must use caution and avoid aiming near people, pets, vehicles and aircraft. It comes with a one-year limited warranty. The SkyLine Deluxe complies with US 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11 and is FDA Certified and IEC Compliant.

The SkyLine Deluxe has a simple design. The pen-shaped design is intended to make it easy to hold, and it comes with a conveniently attached clip so you can store the laser pointer in your pocket or on a clipboard. The pointer housing is aluminum, and it is 6 inches in length. It comes with a protective metal carrying case that includes the laser pointer and two AAA batteries. Once you install the batteries, you can use the case to carry extras.

The Orion SkyLine Deluxe is a powerful laser fully capable of pointing out distant objects in the night sky. It comes with batteries, so you have everything you need to start using it right away. Orion backs its product up with free lifetime tech support when you purchase your laser pointer from one of its authorized resellers. This is a good laser pointer to consider purchasing if you need one for pointing out stars because of its excellent output, safety features and convenient carrying case.

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Quartet Green Laser Pointer Review

The Quartet Brilliant Green Laser Pointer features a handheld remote that you can use to transition between presentation slides. While it does have a green laser beam, this small device works better for office and educational environments than it does for outdoor activities.

This laser pointer comes with a Class IIIa rating, meaning it delivers less than 5 milliwatts (mW) of power. You can shine the laser for more than 650 feet before the green dot dissipates. This distance works in most conference rooms and lecture halls. The green laser pointer beam allows for good visibility, even when working with bright surfaces. It may not work with bright LCD television screens, but the laser point should display on the brightest projection screens.

The color of the display point makes a difference, too. Green laser pointers tend to be higher power than red beams, and their beams show better in darkened rooms. That said, this device may not offer enough power to work effectively with nighttime astronomy lessons. This laser pointer comes with several office-friendly features, instead.

The body of the device works much like a small remote control. You can connect this multi-purpose laser pointer to both Mac and PC operating systems and use it to control presentations. In conjunction with the green laser beam, this remote keeps you in control of the room. You can set up a presentation, give a lecture and use the laser pointer to illuminate important points. The slide-scrolling feature allows for backward movement, too. You can return to previous slides with a click of a button.

This green laser pointer uses two AAA batteries for power. It measures almost nine inches from top to bottom, and you can drop it in a pocket or purse for easy transport. The laser button and the slide transition controls are touch-sensitive. You can touch the controls without much pressure to complete each action. This aspect of the laser pointer acts as a detriment in some situations, as it requires ongoing attention to avoid slips.

The Quartet Brilliant Green Laser Pointer delivers several beneficial features for office and classroom usage. The slide controls keep you in control of multi-slide presentations and the green beam works on bright projection screens. The slim design and sensitive buttons limit control over the laser pointer, so it may not work as well for some applications.

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Quartet Slimline Review

Laser pointers are very useful when you need to draw attention to a particular item in a presentation. If you are presenting with a laserpointer in a school or government building, you need to use a Class 2 device. Class 3 laser pointers are not allowed in these institutions because they can unintentionally cause serious eye damage. The Quartet Slimline Laser Pointer is a Class 2 device, so you can use it to safely enhance your subject matter.

This laser pointer has a svelte design with a slim rectangular shape, and it fits in your pocket. To use the device, you press the large button on top, which initiates the laser. Some laser pointers have a smaller clicker that may fatigue your finger during long presentation.

Measuring 3 x 1 inches and being less than .33 inches thick, the Quartet Slimline is compact compared to more powerful laser pointers. The power output is less than one milliwatt. While this is on the lower end of power output for laser pointers, it keeps the device lightweight, slim and safe for use in a variety of situations.

The Quartet Slimline Laser Pointer projects a red dot, which is good if you are in a conference room and need to enhance your power point presentation. Cats and dogs also enjoy chasing red dots, and you can use this laser pointer to safely play with your animals. Green laser beams are perceived as 50 times brighter than red beams, so if you need to point to something on a very bright screen, green may be a better option. This laser pointer projects up to 655 feet, which is on the lower end of the spectrum; this makes it best for use in a small venue.

The Quartet Slimline’s compact shape and extra safe Class 2 rating make this laser pointer an option for use in schools and venues that doesn’t allow for more powerful lasers. This device projects on any medium, which makes it a useful laser pointer for everyday use at the office and around the house.

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Quarton INFINITER 2000 Green Beam Pointer Review

The Quarton INFINITER 2000 delivers a powerful green beam that surpasses the power of most common red lasers. It requires standard alkaline batteries for power and includes several safety features.

This green laser pointer comes with a simple design that fits in your pocket like a normal writing pen. It comes with a clip on the side that holds it in place, and you can hang it from a shirt pocket or file folder between uses. The body itself measures just over 6 inches in length. This standard size laser pointer comes in a carrying case for added protection.

Green laser pointers generate higher energy levels and reach greater distances than red laser pointers. The INFINITER 2000 has a Class IIIa rating, which means that the laser functions with less than 5 milliwatts (mW). This same rating addresses the damage that the laser can cause. Class IIIa rated laser pointers can damage eyesight if pointed directly at the retina of the eye and require warning labels to encourage safe use.

The green beam of this laser pointer reaches a distance of greater than 1,000 yards. This means that it can shine over the distance of eight American football fields with full precision. You can use this green laser pointer for astronomy lessons and nighttime activities, too. Green lasers easily highlight air particles, so you can see the beam at night and in darkened rooms.

The INFINITER 2000 green laser pointer comes with a high enough power level that many accessory heads could adjust the beam in a way that could cause damage, so none are included with this unit. It does come with a carrying case and two AAA batteries. The batteries last about four hours, giving you enough power for a few classes, but you may need extra batteries for extended use.

Because of the power of this laser, you cannot flip a switch to turn it on. The power button is located on the side of the pen-shaped body, and it requires pressure to function. This means you must hold the power button for the duration of your tasks. This hold-down feature protects against accidental exposure to eyes.

The Quarton INFINITER 2000 laser pointer projects a powerful green beam that shows up in the night sky. It comes with a carrying case, and the safety features protect against accidental eye damage. This laser pointer can be used indoors and outside for a variety of long-range tasks.

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Wicked S3 Arctic Laser Review

The Wicked Lasers S3 Arctic blue laser pointer, also called the Spyder 3 Arctic, delivers a lot of power with a long range. It relies on an industrial quality frame and advanced safety features to protect against unauthorized use, but this unit may deliver too much power to legally use in some parts of the world.

This blue laser pointer has three distinct power levels, and you can choose the option that suits your needs. The lowest power level is 700 milliwatts (mW), the midpoint power level reaches 1.4 watts, and the highest comes with 2 watts. Many countries restrict the sale of such powerful laser pointers, limiting power levels of consumer units to a maximum of 5 mW, and the Spyder 3 Arctic delivers many times this power level.

This high-power laser pointer comes with four laser settings. You can adjust the beam to be constant, which allows you to sustain the light for as long as the battery lasts, or you can choose one of the temporary settings. The three other settings include a strobe, bypass, and flick-on setting that only lasts a second. Each light setting gives a different feel to the tool, so you can adjust your laser pointer's performance based on the task you intend to accomplish.

The body of the device is made from aircraft-grade aluminum. This sturdy exterior allows you to bring it along for the ride, even when the ride takes you into extreme situations. It protects the device against some impacts and ensures the internal components stay exactly where they need to be for optimal performance.

Because of its intense power, the S3 Arctic also comes with a few safety features. You can lock this high intensity laser pointer with a complex switch, and it comes with a storage holster for added security. It relies on a lithium-ion battery to sustain its beam, and the unit comes with an included charging unit so you can recharge it before each use. The powerful internal battery allows the laser pointer to work for up to 180 minutes, based on usage. Constant beam usage lowers this performance significantly, sometimes limiting the beam's life to 30 minutes.

The Wicked Lasers S3 Arctic blue laser pointer delivers enormous power levels for a variety of demanding situations. You can use this laser pointer for outdoor light shows, indoor presentations and many long-distance tasks. The battery life serves as the unit's primary limitation, restricting performance to as little as a half hour in some situations.

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Z-Bolt BTE-4S Red Laser Pointer Review

The Z-Bolt BTE-4S red laser pointer has moderate power output and can be seen for a long distance. It is easy to operate and comes with a small case for transport. It lacks the intensity needed for backyard astronomy but delivers enough range for many applications. The lack of safety features makes this laser a potentially hazardous tool for some homes.

This laser pointer functions as a Class IIIa device. It comes with a power level below 5 milliwatts (mW), so it aligns with standard regulations. This limits extra entertainment performance like popping balloons and lighting matches, but it does not restrict many everyday uses. You can shine this laser pointer across a brightly lit room and still see the powerful illumination point. It also easily displays on projection screens and walls.

The body of the device comes in a standard pen shape. It measures about 5.5 inches from one end to the other and uses a switch to turn on the power. This feature differentiates the Z-Bolt laser pointer from many other devices. The on-board switch allows you to turn the device on without having to hold down the button. When you run the laser pointer, the power can last up to 15 hours before shutting off by itself.

The power switch works as both a feature and as a safety limitation. This design allows you to run the laser pointer without having to hold it constantly, so you can set it down as you take notes or perform other activities nearby. This frees up your hands, but it also removes control over the device. Without constant attention, it is possible for the laser pointer to be misused and may damage the eyes.

The device comes in a carrying case for transport. This case stores both the laser pointer and the two AAA batteries that provide power to it. You can store the unit in the case to prevent damage, but the case does not come with any locking mechanism to prevent unauthorized access.

This laser pointer has a 4,500-foot range. The spot diameter measures just over 1 millimeter, and the beam does not flicker while powered on. The constant beam can help with hunting and other outdoor activities.

The Z-Bolt BTE-4S red laser pointer has constant power that can cover long distances. It works for indoor and outdoor tasks, and the case makes it easy to transport. While the beam's 5 milliwatt power fits within regulatory guidelines, the lack of safety features makes this red laser pointer a potential hazard around the house, especially with children nearby.

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