Net promoter systems collect data from your customers to determine whether they are satisfied with your service and whether they are loyal to your company. The customers are typically asked on a scale from 1 to 10 how likely they would be to recommend your service or product to others. Based on the rating they give, they are placed in one of three categories by the system: detractors, passives or promoters. Promoters are loyal customers who love your products and services. These systems identify how many promoters you have and help you determine what mistakes you may be making that are creating detractors (those who do not like your company). Some net promoter score (NPS) services include Qualtrics, Medallia and Delighted.

Once the percentage of promoters and detractors is calculated, the numbers are subtracted from each other. The end result is your net promoter score. This score constantly changes with each new customer you serve. Having a service in place to calculate this score can help you keep track of how your business is performing in the eyes of your customers.

Net Promoter Score Services: What to Look For

Choosing the right online service can provide you with vital information on how to improve your net promoter score. There are several elements you need to look at before making your selection. Not every NPS provider will offer all the features you want, including the ability to send out surveys or provide multiple language capabilities and detailed reports.

Sending & Creating Surveys
Determining the NPS of your business means finding out how customers rate you and how likely they are to come back and make another purchase. To obtain this information, you have to ask. Many services will create surveys for you consisting of one or two questions, while others will provide the tools to create your own surveys.

Multiple Languages
If you own or operate an online business, your customers can be located anywhere in the world. All customers and their opinions of your business are important, even if they don't speak your language. Net promoter score companies that offer the option of using different languages for your surveys can help you gather information from more of your clientele.

Reports & Feedback
Almost all of these services will provide some type of feedback from the surveys your customers take. Some will instantly alert you via text message or email, while others will provide detailed reports on the dashboard of the program. Some NPS systems take reporting even further by analyzing not only the surveys given, but also your online presence in social media and elsewhere on the internet.

An NPS service can help you calculate your net promoter score and determine who your loyal customers are. The information provided by the index can also help you address problem areas of your business that are creating detractors and passives so you can improve your score.

CheckMarket Review

CheckMarket is an online software that lets you create your own customer surveys or to have the team at CheckMarket create the surveys for you. You have multiple options when it comes to the surveys, like the ability to translate surveys into more than 40 languages and distribute them over many different channels. The online dashboard provides you with up-to-date reporting of any answered surveys.

This customer experience management software lets you decide how to collect data from your customers so you can improve the number of promoters (individuals who like your company). The first option is to leave the surveys in the hands of the CheckMarket team. These experts simply need to the information you want to include and will do the rest. The team will give you updates on your survey regularly so you are always in the loop.

The second option is creating the surveys yourself. This online software doesn't require you to download anything and provides all the tools necessary to get the job done. You can choose from multiple types of surveys to obtain the information you need, including NPS promoter score surveys and more extensive options. During creation, you can brand your surveys, upload files and edit from within the software. You can also set up the survey in a way that certain pages are hidden or open depending on the responses given by the customer.

Reaching all of your customers is important to the net promoter score calculation. You can reach customers all over the world with its multilingual survey option. This feature lets you translate the survey into over 40 different languages, including those that read from right to left.

When a customer participates in your survey, you get the results via the online dashboard. Here, you can click through pages of charts and graphs that include your NPS score. You can set up alerts and receive them by email or text message, and you can even set up automatic help-desk tickets when customers respond that they are unsatisfied with your product or service. By doing so, you can respond quickly and possibly increase your promoter score.

This net promoter system lets you choose how you want your surveys created and sent to customers. It also provides you with real-time feedback of all customer responses through email and text notifications, as well as an online dashboard. In addition, the service lets you reach as many customers as possible with over 40 language options for your surveys.

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CustomerGauge Review

CustomerGauge is available in three different versions and features a simple dashboard that lets you see all the results of your surveys so you can browse through various reports you receive. Surveys are created and sent by this software, but you can customize them to provide more information. You can send the surveys in multiple languages as well. Customized reports with graphs detailing feedback and net promoter score(NPS) are provided and can be emailed to you every day, every week or once a month.

This software has the ability to create basic NPS surveys for you, but it also offers several tools that can help you customize those surveys and configure them in a way you want. This includes the ability to brand the surveys with your logo, compose follow-up emails and add questions. You can deliver these surveys by email, on your website after a customer makes a purchase, through text or even by phone. You can also create them in more than 30 languages so you have the ability to reach customers across the globe.

Each time a customer answers a survey, this NPS promoter score system analyzes the feedback and tags it, placing it in a particular category: promoter, passive or detractor. Reports of each response are provided on the software's dashboard, where you can view the number of customer responses or respond to detractors and view your current NPS. The dashboard also lets you view verbatim feedback provided by customers and the rating they provided via the survey.

This net promoter score calculation product also comes with a "firefighting" feature. This lets you analyze feedback provided by dissatisfied customers and assign a customer to an employee. The employee can then take steps to rectify the issue at hand and turn the detractor into a promoter.

There are three different versions of this customer experience management software. The basic unit gives you the ability to make your own email campaigns and provides you with 1,000 emails a month. The business version gives you 2,000 emails each month and offers more features, like email and phone support. The enterprise version is the most expensive option, but it provides 5,000 emails each month and comes with a dedicated account manager.

While the basic version of this promoter score software might not contain all the features you might need, the business and enterprise versions offer surveys in multiple languages, configurable emails and surveys, and custom reporting. All versions offer a clear, understandable dashboard that displays your promoter score and feedback from each customer.

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Delighted Review

Delighted, a net promoter service, does the work for you when it comes to sending surveys to your customers and determining your net promoter score (NPS). The surveys consist of only one question and gives your customers a chance to leave feedback in their own words. That feedback arrives instantly to your dashboard. You can create surveys in multiple languages so you can include every customer in your NPS score. The system lets you add as many team members as you want without an additional charge.

With this customer experience management system (CEM), all you need to do to reach out to customers is provide the software with their email addresses. However, you also have the option of uploading your logo to the software and customizing a message that appears after customers have finished their surveys. In addition, you can create surveys in up to 27 different languages. The survey asks your customers to rate the likelihood that they would recommend your company to a friend. They are then given the option of sharing a bit about their experience in their own words.

Each time a customer answers a survey, the feedback instantly arrives on the software's dashboard. In fact, the system even shows a typing indicator that lets you know when customers are typing a response. As the feedback arrives on the dashboard, the promoter score changes at the top of the page, depending on the customer's answer. The dashboard also lets you sort through the feedback so you can look at only the comments provided by promoters (those who love your business) or feedback from detractors (those who had a bad experience with your business).

As many members of your staff as you want can use the software. The system lets you differentiate between regular users and administrators, and it also lets you set up email alerts that can be sent to different team members. You can route these email alerts to members of your team based on ratings or comments and customer type.

The system offers a variety of payment options when you're looking to calculate your net promoter score. Companies are given the option of choosing between 100 and 50,000 survey sends each month, with each option available at a different price.

This CEM system features instant feedback gathered for you automatically and presented on your dashboard. The software lets you customize your surveys, but it creates the question and sends the surveys out for you. You can create the surveys in 27 different languages, and your NPS score is calculated for you and changes instantly with each customer survey answer.

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Kampyle Review

Kampyle works by sending inviting feedback invitations to your customers while they are on your website. This system is optimized for both desktop and mobile use, but it will not send surveys to customers via email. It gathers data about your customers' experiences and likelihood to recommend your business. The system calculates your net promoter score (NPS) with these results. You can view all data on the software's dashboard, where you can measure improvements and track feedback changes. The system also lets you assign certain team members to complaints and issues.

This system uses customer feedback to calculate the NPS of your business and provide you with other relevant data. The software does not send email surveys to your customers. Instead, it uses feedback invitations to reach out to customers while they are on your website. These invitations can be customized to pop up when a customer arrives on your site, makes a transaction, quits a transaction or attempts to leave your site.

If a customer does not speak English, feedback forms can be translated into more than 60 different languages. This feature does not affect how you view the feedback on your dashboard. It provides the option of choosing the language you want to view; the promoter score software then translates the feedback so you can understand it.

The dashboard of this customer experience management system provides real-time reports on the feedback your customers are giving you. It features an NPS section, which lets you see your NPS, as well as the percentage of promoters, passives and detractors your business has. It also has a word chart, which features certain words your customers used in their verbatim feedback. This can help you quickly see what areas of your business might be experiencing issues.

The dashboard lets you track changes in feedback and manage them appropriately, which can be helpful when complaints are made. The net promoter software also lets you assign certain types of feedback to team members. This can help ensure that problems are addressed quickly.

This net promoter system uses feedback invitations to gather information from your customers. The surveys can be set to pop up to customers at any time, and the data gathered is used to calculate your NPS. Feedback and reports are provided on the software's dashboard, which features multiple views.

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Medallia Review

Medallia calculates your net promoter score (NPS) based on surveys created by the software and given to your customers. In addition to this, it can analyze feedback with text analytics and send out instant alerts when problems are discovered and detractors leave feedback. The software also lets you listen to your customers in multiple ways, such as through email or even on social media sites in a variety of languages.

This net promoter system creates simple surveys for your customers that ask them whether they would recommend your company to someone else and why they would. The first question is used by the software to create your NPS. The software analyzes the second question using text analytics to determine what problems or challenges may be causing your customers to become detractors (those who would not recommend your business to others). If a low rating is given by customers or poor feedback is received, this software alerts you immediately. Quick reports of problems can help you follow up with detractors immediately, address problems and build better relationships with clients.

The net promoter software also makes it possible to listen to what customers are saying outside of the surveys provided to them after they visit your website or make a purchase. This technology is called Voice of the Customer (VoC) and focuses on building a picture of what your customers are saying they want. The number of promoters (customers who enjoy your product or service and would share it with others) increases. By increasing the number of promoters you have, your NPS increases. VoC does this by using both solicited and unsolicited feedback through email, SMS and social media. The software analyzes what your customers are saying and provides detailed reports so you can follow through and make any necessary changes.

If you have customers from all over the world, being able to speak to them and hear from them is important, even if they don't speak your language. Medallia can create surveys and web intercepts in multiple languages so you can hear from each customer and obtain a true promoter score. The software can even separate feedback and surveys so that your local departments and teams can address customers in their own specific areas.

This NPS promoter score software gives you the chance to address customer concerns, build promoters and discover detractors. The system features VoC technology, text analytics, instant feedback and multiple language compatibility.

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MyInavero Enterprise Review

MyInavero gives you the option of using its surveys or creating your own with a number of tools that help increase the chances of the survey being completed. The Inavero team can also write email invitations, deliver surveys to your email list and provide you with feedback about the response rate, but the software will also let you retain full control over all these aspects yourself. You can set up alerts with this software so you know immediately when a problem occurs. Net promoter scores are provided for you and you can break them down between departments, stores or location. The program also gives customers the option to provide testimonials but does not feature multi-language capability.

This software gives you the option of creating online surveys and email invitations yourself or letting the program do it. If you choose the second option, the software only requires that you input your client list and email addresses. The first option gives you more control over what questions are included in the surveys and what your email invitations look and sound like. You are also given access to templates, display testing and spam filter check. With both choices, unsubscribes and email bounces are handled by the company.

When the surveys are answered, a net promoter score (NPS) is generated by the software. You can receive an overall NPS for your entire company, but you can also break down the score between shareholders, departments or even locations. This can help you determine where problems lie so you can fix them quickly.

You can also customize email alerts; when turned on, you are given immediate feedback each time a customer takes your survey. Reports and feedback are also provided on the NPS promoter score software's online dashboard, which can be accessed by any web browser or mobile device. Once obtained, you can also download PDF or spreadsheet reports and share them with your team.

In addition to helping you learn how to improve your net promoter score, this software also gives you the ability to collect testimonials that can encourage new customers to try your business. The system also includes links to your social media pages for customers to follow after finishing your survey. Unfortunately, the software does not have multi-language capability, which can prevent you from accessing some client feedback.

With this net promoter, you can track and manage how customers feel about your business. While no multi-language capability is provided, the software does offer email alerts and detailed reports. You also have the option of creating your own surveys and emails or letting the software do it for you.

Back to Top Review

With, you can ask two questions on every survey you send out; this short survey is used to determine your net promoter score (NPS) and to encourage more customers to respond. In addition to offering short surveys, the software lets you customize your campaign emails, but it provides email templates as a base. While multiple languages are not supported, the software does provide expert tips as you go to help you. An intuitive dashboard is provided, which shows you your NPS score, the survey status and trending keywords used by your customers when giving verbatim feedback. You can export all of this data as needed.

This NPS promoter score software doesn't require you to create your own surveys, but it does let you customize the emails in which the surveys are sent. Each survey features two questions that encourage customers to rate how likely they would be to share your business with others and tell you why. The survey emails are built on premade templates, but they offer you the ability to edit them as needed and include your own logo and message. Unfortunately, you cannot edit the language.

When you use the promoter score system, you are provided with tips on the side of your screen that help you understand what changes you should make, how the system works and what each bit of information means. You can use these expert tips to help you craft compelling emails and encourage better customer response.

The net promoter software features a dashboard that provides information about your surveys, your NPS and feedback from customers. It lists the number of bounced emails and unsubscribers, the response rate and even keyword trends in customer feedback. At the top of the dashboard you can see a real-time view of your total NPS, as well as the broken-down promoter score between promoters, passives and detractors. You can export all this information with one click.

This software also lets you search for specific customer responses including keywords you select. Doing so can help you discover problem areas and fix them quickly. You can also break up your surveys and the responses between different locations and even different products so each specific situation is addressed by the right person.

This net promoter score calculation software doesn't let you conduct surveys in multiple languages. However, it provides you with customizable email templates, the two questions necessary for calculating NPS, and a dashboard that reports all results.

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Qualtrics Review


Qualtrics is an NPS promoter score service that helps you develop relationships with your customers through repeated surveys and panels. Using the company's intercept technology, you can create feedback surveys for emails and your website. The system  collects the data and provides the information necessary to calculate your score. The service is available in multiple languages, provides quick feedback based on any criteria and lets you create dynamic messages on your website to grab your customers' attention.

This service provides a platform where you can not only create surveys that can determine your net promoter score (NPS), but also create online promotions targeted to specific customers. While the system doesn't create the surveys for you, it provides the tools necessary to create them yourself. You can then choose to send them via email to your list of clients or integrate them into your website with the tool so that each customer is asked the survey questions after making a purchase.

The net promoter system's website-intercept technology provides the necessary tools to embed the survey into your website, create a pop-up or set the survey to be emailed to logged-in customers after they have been on the site for a specific period of time. This intercept technology also lets you offer promotions and grab your customers' attention using info bars, sliders and popovers.

Once the system has collected data from the surveys completed on your website or sent by email, it will provide the percentage of promoters, detractors and passives you have. You can then use this information for net promoter score calculation. The service provides quick feedback and includes the option of creating detailed reports based on any criteria, such as a customer's willingness to promote your business, their satisfaction with your product or their willingness to visit again.

If you have customers around the world, this system also lets you create surveys in multiple languages, making it possible to reach all sorts of customers, no matter where they live or what language they speak. It also lets you separate each type of customer into a different panel. These panels can separate promoters, passives and detractors. You can then send out different surveys to each panel periodically to determine if their opinion on your service has changed.

While this promoter score service doesn't create surveys, it provides the tools to create surveys on your own. It also offers quick feedback, lets you create detailed reports and can assist with the creation of surveys in any language for email and website use.

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ResponseTek Review

ResponseTek creates and sends surveys that help you understand how your customers view your business. This service collects data from transactional surveys and relationship surveys, in addition to comments made on social media sites. Real-time feedback is also provided, and your net promoter score (NPS) is calculated based on this feedback. If a customer makes a complaint, the system provides response templates to reply and fix the issue. No multi-language option is available, however, which can prevent you from seeing a complete NPS.

This software features a full customer experience management experience, and it begins with multiple data collection options. One option is through surveys. You can automatically send surveys to customers after they make a transaction, and you can use this data to calculate your NPS. This type of survey is short, asking customers if they would recommend your business to others and asking them to provide feedback on their rating. Relationship surveys are also available. These surveys are sent to your customers to determine their perception of your brand, and they are not triggered by a transaction. You can use the data discovered here to compare your business to others in the same industry.

The net promoter system also listens in real time to social media posts written by your customers. Data collection is triggered by certain keywords, and the information gathered is provided on the software dashboard. The system will analyze this data and score it in the same way it would if these customers were answering a survey.

Net promoter score calculation has one critical goal: to discover detractors (dissatisfied customers) and address their problems, turning them into loyal customers. This software provides a platform for addressing these complaints and even lets you assign specific complaints to certain members of your team. Each time a detractor is discovered, an alert is sent to team members, and they are provided with response templates that can help them resolve the issue.

Despite its benefits, this net promoter score system does not provide surveys in multiple languages. This can, unfortunately, leave many of your customers without a way to voice their concerns. It can also prevent you from obtaining a true NPS.

This software doesn't let you send surveys in multiple languages, but it does create surveys and collects the data gathered by both transactional and relationship surveys. It also tracks keywords on social media sites and offers detailed reports of the data collected via its dashboard. In addition, the system sends alerts whenever a complaint is made about your business.

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Satmetrix NPX Review


Satmetrix NPX features an integrated graph that lets you see exactly what your customers think about your company and how they rate their experience. It also includes a dashboard that provides you with detailed reports, your promoter score and overall performance for each month. The system features text analytics that search for keywords to help you determine exactly what customers are saying about your business. To obtain information, you have to create your own surveys to deliver to customers, but the service includes templates to help you get started.

This net promoter software includes a graphing feature that breaks down every aspect of your customers' experiences. Each area of the graph addresses a certain part of their journey, such as their satisfaction with your website, how satisfied they are with your customer support staff and their delivery experience. You can customize each template to reflect your particular needs.

The surveys used to obtain your net promoter score (NPS) are not created by the software itself. Instead, you must create them. However, the software provides templates, and all data gathered through the surveys can be gathered with the software and imported to the customer graph and dashboard.

The dashboard of this net promoter system provides feedback on all the data collected through surveys and web intercepts you create. On the dashboard, you can see your overall NPS, as well as the NPS for various products and services. Monthly and weekly performance graphs are included as well. This area of the software also features a cloud of keywords created by the included text analytics feature. This feature analyzes verbatim feedback to help you determine exactly what customers are saying about your company so you can make improvements when they are needed.

In addition to providing you with basic and customizable templates for your surveys, the NPS promoter score software also offers several other beneficial features, including deployability in over 40 languages, support for your mobile device and customizable alerts.

The Satmetrix NPX assists you in determining your NPS both overall, and per product and service. It supports multiple languages, features a customer graph breaking down each area of experience and includes text analytics. All the data collected by surveys and customer reviews is featured on the software's dashboard. While basic templates are provided, you have to create your own surveys.

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