When it comes to choosing the right contact management software, you face many unique challenges. You require secure access to personal client information, such as emails, phone numbers, and notes. The right solution provides an intuitive interface for easy navigation, mobile access and help resources. Stay organized and on task with cloud-based software accessible from anywhere and at any time.

Also referred to as CRM (Customer Relationship Management), the best solutions help secure your day-to-day business in every major way. Realtors benefit from the ability to track interactions with the client at every stage of the funnel. Opportunity management is customizable to the way you forecast by the week, month, quarter or year. Access everything you need in a single place. Store sensitive legal documents, executed contracts, forms and attachments. All documents and files link to particular accounts or save to general folders.

The organization of valuable information comes alive with the creation of dashboards and reports. Track your progress and gain unique insights into your real estate business. A good contact management solution works for you as you use it every day. Realtors gain more predictability in sales and prospecting trends. Reporting features start establishing the link between customer interaction and increased revenues.

With all the different contact management solutions available, how can you determine which one best fits your needs? These three provide superior contact management applications:


Salesforce continues to rank among the top in the list due to its long history of success in creating cloud-based contact management. Their primary CRM is called  Sales Cloud.  Standard functions conform to the way you run your business and manage your clients at every level. Customize standard functionality to fit your company. The user interface is extremely intuitive. All critical client information is available anytime and anywhere. The free Salesforce mobile app provides you with most features directly from your smart device. Import contacts and legacy information quickly and easily. The import and export features are fast, robust and powerful. Salesforce provides third party applications known as  AppExchange . Explore connectivity options from other software used by your organization such as QuickBooks, Google Drive, Evernote, DropBox, SurveyMonkey and many more. Free and paid apps are both available.

Sales Cloud provides a unique feature called  Chatter.  Similar to Twitter, Chatter allows you to  follow  accounts or records in order to stay informed of any changes or activities. Quickly  post  comments or information for others to see without following the usual steps of updating a customer record.


Sage CRM provides rich contact management functionality with a strong foundation in finance and accounting. Most know the software for its history as an accounting software provider. Sage s product line expanded to meet the needs of full customer relationship management and project management. It boasts unique features for process support of job costing and general contractor project management. Realtors dealing with property development as part of the business will find special consideration with Sage.

Sage merges with Google Contacts and Google Calendar as well as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Any new contact information from these social networking sites displays in the Sage application. Sage CRM gives you all the right tools to ensure that you organize client data in an efficient and effective manner. Aggressively priced; the software offers connectivity to its suite of accounting software and ERP solutions. Easily exchange data between other popular contact managers, databases and spreadsheet software like Excel.


Snapforce is a web-based, multi-solution product at an affordable price. It comes with a virtual phone system at no additional cost. This software uses contact information such as emails, notes, and phone calls to learn about your clients. As it learns, it provides recommendations and a personalized customer service experience. Additional features include calendaring, email, document storage, reporting and case management.

Unique to Snapforce, a standard feature automatically logs your calls to the customer record. Known as telephony, you will no longer need to note your conversation manually. Turn your discussion immediately into a recorded activity within the client profile. This great feature saves time and ensures you never forget to track communication with your customers and prospects. Realtors talk for a living. Combining contact management with automated tools and your phone system is a compelling proposition. One vendor for two of the most important aspects of your business is a sound choice.

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