If a disaster has damaged your home, the immediate intervention of a deep cleaning service is needed. Whether your home suffered damage from internal flooding from a damaged pipe or external sources like a storm or a fire, water damage restoration and fire damage restoration may be necessary and are typically covered by your homeowner's insurance. You may be required to assess multiple quotes from a more than one restoration service. There are many nationally based services that are on call seven days a week, including holidays, to help stem the damage in your home before it spreads and makes matters even worse.

If a disaster has damaged your home, the immediate intervention of a deep cleaning service is needed. Whether your home suffered damage from internal flooding from a damaged pipe or external sources like a storm or a fire, water damage restoration and fire damage restoration may be necessary and are typically covered by your homeowner's insurance. You may be required to assess multiple quotes from a more than one restoration service. There are many nationally based services that are on call seven days a week, including holidays, to help stem the damage in your home before it spreads and makes matters even worse.

Many services minimize secondary damage from flooding and fire by performing tasks like document restoration, mold remediation and mold removal, and more. All service providers give you a quote only after a team inspect the premises. Some services, like SERVPRO and Stanley Steemer, only provide water damage restoration while others, such as Restoration Management Company, offer a full suite of damage repair services. Learn more by reading our articles on restoration damage and cleanup.

Restoration Damage and Cleanup Services: What to Look For

Recovering from a catastrophic event in your home requires immediate action and intervention. Most insurance providers ask for multiple quotes from different service providers. Hiring a service during a trying time can be stressful, so here are some guidelines to help you make your decision.

Service Area
While most restoration services are national, ensure that there is a service provider in your immediate vicinity to give you optimal service. A zip code locator or a service locator is typically found on the company's homepage or on a Contact Us page. The company may also have information regarding individual franchisee holders or service providers to help you make your decision.

Mold is an almost inevitable side effect of flood damage. Note that mold remediation and mold removal are quite different. If your home has suffered flooding, you may want to ensure that the team offers thorough mold remediation services. Mold removal typically refers to removing objects affected by mold, while remediation also addresses the repairing and removing the source of the mold itself. Ensure that not only your home is inspected but also your furniture, clothing, closets and any non-ventilated area where mold can flourish.

Damage to Household Goods
Many companies that offer fire damage recovery also can help revitalize documents and personal belongings. If a fire affected an office area, ensure that you also get a quote for document restoration. Make sure your provider includes drying out sofa cushions, mattresses and other high-end pieces of furniture in addition to drying walls, floors and crawl spaces.

Biohazard Cleanup
Flooding and fires can wreak havoc on areas surrounding your home. If you have a septic tank that was impacted by a flood, you may need to investigate a biohazard removal team. This could also be necessary for any workshops that had toxic solvents or paints, as well as businesses that could be leaking toxic materials into local water supplies. If you are remotely concerned that you may need this specialty, look for a service that can advise you on hazardous materials and can dispose of them safely and legally.

Unfortunately, accidents and emergencies are sometimes unavoidable. At those times, you need the security and reassurance of a reliable service. Fortunately, there are several national emergency restoration services that are equipped to help you and your home recover.

Belfor Review

Belfor is an international construction and commercial services company with locations around the world. It offers its help to both large companies and individual homeowners. Its diverse offering of emergency restoration services makes its teams equipped to help bring most homes back to livable and safe conditions.

If the exterior of your home has been impacted physically by a storm, its teams provide emergency board up services, shrink wrap and perimeter fencing to seal off dangerous areas. Staff then attempt to completely restore documents, whether they were damaged by fire or water. The company is also licensed to provide complete reconstruction services, with an emphasis on emergency repair. These services include emergency power, carpentry work, roofing, demolition and interior reconstruction.

Water damage restoration services include the removal of water from furniture, walls, ceilings, ducts, subfloors and carpets, as well as detection in areas where standing water isn't immediately visible. If standing water has been left unattended for several days, mold remediation may be required, and Belfor's staff can provide detection equipment to determine what, if any, parts of the home have been impacted by mold, in addition to quoting you a cost for repair and removal. The company is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays.

Fire damage restoration includes an emergency response team and a remediation team to determine what areas of the home require immediate repair. Smoke contamination removal, odor removal, complete document and home goods restoration and necessary reconstruction are all included in the initial quote. This could include cleaning and stain treating furniture, draperies and carpets as well as other household items. Additional book and document recovery services are available. If ducts were impacted by smoke, the company can provide a complete inspection and cleaning of your home's ventilation system. Response teams relocate unaffected and salvageable items and provide a complete inventory of those items while the home is being repaired.

The advantage of working with a company of this size is it can serve as a one-stop-shop for repairs and damage remediation. If your home has been severely damaged by a natural event, flood or fire, it may be convenient to work with one provider or at least have that provider inspect the damage and provide you with an initial quote for complete repairs. It is equipped to handle fire and water damage restoration, including document restoration and exterior and interior construction.

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COIT Review

COIT has been in business for close to a century, with licensed franchises located across the country. More widely known as a residential and commercial cleaning company, COIT also provides water removal services in the case of a flood or any type of water emergency. Its water damage restoration services can be dispatched any day of the year, even on holidays, to help prevent the further spread of water damage to your home.

Like most water damage restoration services, the company and its franchised locations are on call 24/7. In the case of water emergencies, a team can be onsite to inspect and repair your home within 48 hours. Teams provide specialized equipment to detect water in every hidden crevice of your home, including walls, subflooring, ceilings and crawl spaces. If needed, the crew can also provide, at any additional fee, a pack out service where it inventories, pack up and remove undamaged items from the home to prevent the further spread of damage. Industrial grade drying and dehumidifying equipment is installed and left in place until inspectors determine that the home is sufficiently dry.

In the event of a sewage leak, the company can provide a sewage cleanup and decontamination team, which is quoted separately. When the home is rated dry, a cleaning team removes odors and inspects the property to determine if any additional repairs are required. Any lingering odors are investigated to determine if mold remediation is needed, which the company can also provide. If needed, the source of the mold is detected, removed and completely cleaned.

All carpets are professionally cleaned. Carpets and pads may be removed from the home to ensure they are completely dry. If carpets are removed, complete reinstallation and cleaning are also provided. Tile and wood flooring are also cleaned if flooding damaged those surfaces. If electronics, documents or business equipment were impacted by water damage, COIT can also provide a quote for services to restore these items.

COIT cannot provide cleaning services related to fire or smoke. If your home suffered structural damage from a storm, you need to contact a different service provider for an onsite inspection and repairs. While COIT may be able to detect and flag structural damage, be prepared to seek out a separate contractor to bid and complete structural repairs to subflooring, walls, and any other areas of the home.

COIT is licensed to provide complete water damage restoration if your home is impacted by a flood of any kind. This includes removal of sewage and complete carpet cleaning. Expect a quick callback and an onsite visit in one to two days.

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Paul Davis Review

Paul Davis is a full-service contractor with locations across the United States. The company provides a host of emergency and construction services as well as complete fire and water damage restoration. If your home has been impacted by a cataclysmic event, be it natural or otherwise, the company's focus is on bringing your home back to livable and safe conditions as quickly as possible.

The main advantage of the company is that all of its franchisees are licensed general contractors. If the structure of your home has been affected by storm damage, including broken windows or roof damage from branches or winds, a service team can provide a quote for complete home repair and remodeling. Most companies that respond to home emergencies are specialists and are not licensed to complete any general construction work. In this case, if your home is severely damaged externally and internally, workers are licensed to complete all the work and may help file claims with your insurance company for your convenience.

The company also offers a broad slate of water damage restoration and fire damage restoration services. Responders are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. Its services include complete cleanup of household goods, including books and documents, in case of both fire and water damage. Specialized instruments detect moisture and standing water in walls and subfloors. Containment equipment cleans up backed-up sewage and biohazard contamination. Fire restoration teams deal with smoke residue, stains, harmful fumes and odors. A team can be onsite within four hours, and a dispatcher returns most initial calls within 30 minutes.

If your home is affected by unattended standing water for over 48 hours, it's likely that mold may have developed. The company offers complete mold remediation services, which include detection and removal of mold within carpets, furniture and the structure of the home. Should damage have spread to delicate household items like artwork, a team provides quotes for complete cleaning and restoration of as many of your items as it can salvage. Additionally, if you have any additional contamination from raw sewage, animal remains and chemicals, its biohazard removal and decontamination services are also available to help with this cleanup.

The main advantage of Paul Davis is the company's ability to reconstruct damaged property in addition to complete emergency restoration. If your home is impacted physically by a fire or natural disaster and needs extensive rebuilding, this company can provide a single quote for all the work necessary, including roof repair. If the damage your home has suffered is more localized, the company provides services for water and fire damage cleanup.

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Polygon Review

Polygon's main focus as a company is emergency drying services and humidity control for high-tech environments. In addition to providing advanced climate control for commercial settings, the company is staffed to respond to emergency situations for residential customers. If flooding either from a natural disaster or an internal issue has damaged your home, Polygon has developed techniques to remove moisture from floors, ceilings and furniture. It may be a good solution for homes in need of emergency water damage restoration but is well-suited to help businesses.

Should you need emergency restoration services, immediate intervention is key. Water damage, if left unattended for 48 hours or more, can lead to permanent damage to your house and its contents. Polygon has an emergency response team to assess damage in case of a flooding emergency. You can then rent its equipment to dry the area, and this equipment includes dehumidifiers, heaters and cooling coils. The company also offers remote monitoring and a record of the climate conditions.

The company mainly targets the corporate market, and its biggest selling point is its document recovery service. It also looks at highly complex cases in particular, as its equipment is designed with these sorts of damages in mind.

The company primarily deals with water removal only and doesn't offer integrated sewage disposal or fire damage restoration. In addition, the company does not offer complete restoration, either. Instead, the focus is solely on drying the area and recovering information. There are local offices in 17 states and affiliations nationwide. In the event of an emergency, it provides a toll-free number, and the company's staff can provide services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Polygon provides mold remediation services, advanced document recovery services and advanced water removal services, so if you're a business that has had a lot of compromised physical data, this is likely one of the best-equipped water restoration companies around. However, if you're looking for a company that focuses on the domestic market or one that works with your insurers to value and assess the structural and financial damage incurred during a flood, you have to look elsewhere.

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PuroClean Review

PuroClean is a national service provider with hundreds of locations that can help assess and clean up damage related to fire, water, mold and biohazards. Depending on your situation, you may need a service provider who can provide this complete array of emergency restoration services. This company is licensed to work with your insurance provider to restore the damage to your home as safely and quickly as possible.

Often, a fire emergency includes intervention from fire safety equipment, like sprinklers or fire hoses. If this is the case, PuroClean provides complete fire and water damage restoration services. Fire damage restoration crews assess the damage to metallic fixtures and other household items and salvage as many of them as possible. A crew sanitizes the area, which could include cleaning air ducts and vents, remove smoke stains where possible, and remove carpet pads and carpets. Its on-call services are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

In the event of a flood from a natural disaster or an internal issue like a leak, water damage teams bring industrial water removal and detection equipment to ensure that all standing water is extracted. Large-scale drying and dehumidifying equipment is installed and monitored daily until your home is returned to like-normal conditions. Teams remove carpets and padding for complete drying and stain treatments. As a part of its water damage services, the staff detects and contains mildew, which could help prevent the spread of mold. In all cases, technicians and service staff sends a quote to your insurance adjuster within 48 hours of initial inspection.

If water damage has occurred and was left unattended for over 48 hours, mold growth may have already started. PuroClean's mold remediation and removal services can detect and stop the further spread of mold. This includes removing unpleasant odors as well as the airborne irritants that can affect your health. If your sewer or septic tank backs up, the company's biohazard teams have a complete sewage cleanup service to help safely remove dangerous waste from your home.

PuroClean's advantage is its diverse fire and water damage restoration services. Each service can be contracted and quoted separately if needed. All specialists have equipment on hand for damage and repair related to water, fire, mold and hazardous waste, making it a versatile option.

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Rainbow International Restoration Review

Rainbow International Restoration is a national provider of emergency fire and water damage restoration services. It has locations around the country and is equipped to respond to your home quickly. It provides a quote within two days of your call. The company can also work with your insurance carrier to provide quotes and determine what types of repairs are covered under your policy.

Rainbow International's teams are on call 24 hours a day, seven days per week, including holidays. In the case of water damage restoration, a team will arrive within one to two days to ensure that mold doesn't start to fester in walls and carpeting. In addition to water removal equipment, Rainbow's staff brings structural drying equipment to help stop the spreading of moisture into the structure of the home. If mold damage is suspected, the teams can provide a quote for complete mold remediation services, which includes detection and removal of impacted areas.

If you are in need of fire damage restoration, a trained Rainbow team will inspect the premises to determine where dangerous inhalants have spread, including crawl spaces, carpets and vents. Smoke stains are removed and harmful odors are deodorized as thoroughly as possible. Rainbow can remove and inventory items to determine what can be salvaged. In the event that water intervention was necessary to stop the spread of a fire, the home is also inspected and treated for potential water damage. The company can also provide you with information on the steps you need to take before its arrival.

If the exterior of your home was damaged, Rainbow provides tarps and boar up services to weatherproof the home temporarily until reconstruction can begin. Note that it does not provide reconstruction services. You need to consult a general contractor or a construction company to get a quote for rebuilds and repairs.

Rainbow is capable of intervening and providing a thorough cleanup after a flood or fire. Since the company is not a licensed general contractor, you need to look elsewhere if your home sustained exterior or structural damage. Rainbow provides a full service of water and fire damage restoration, including mold remediation and recovery of personal goods.

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Restoration Management Company Review

Restoration Management Company, or RMC, provides a complete list of emergency restoration services. Whatever your household emergency, be it a fire, natural disaster, or flood, RMC's sole focus is responding to households in crisis. It is licensed to respond to any level of emergency and can handle any level of potential damage, including environmental hazard and cleanup, as well as fire and water damage restoration.

As fully licensed contractors, RMC can provide quotes on complete household reconstruction. If your home is severely damaged, it may be convenient and reassuring to have a full-service company not only assess the water and smoke damage, but also provide insight into the cost of rebuilding and reconstructing the damaged areas, including housing interiors, exteriors and roofing. RMC provides complete demolition services as well as reconstruction services, which could be useful if your situation requires large-scale removal of building materials. If you are uncertain, for example, if an older home has asbestos in the flooring or installation, this type of service may be necessary for safe disposal of toxic or hazardous waste.

RMC is geared to respond quickly to household emergencies. It is on call 24 hours each calendar day and provides a toll-free emergency response number to which a dispatcher should respond immediately. Teams bring moisture-detecting equipment to find trapped standing water in floors, walls and crawl spaces. Advanced drying equipment is deployed and the premises inspected daily until the home is rated dry, safe and livable. If standing water has led to mold growth, it offers a complete range of mold remediation services.

Its fire damage restoration services include complete document restoration, smoke stain removal, toxic residue cleaning and a complete cleaning of air vents and the HVAC system. If needed in the case of flood or fire, the company can provide a complete indexing of your home's items as well as their safe storage and removal. When the emergency response is complete, items are then returned safely to the home. Due to its experience in this area, the company can provide necessary documentation required by insurance companies for prompt filing of claims.

Due to its specialization, RMC offers a higher-end response in the event of an emergency. It provides not only fire and water damage restoration services but can also contract and quote complete demolition and reconstruction services for your home. Fires and floods can cause permanent damage and having a single source to immediately indicate what long-term repairs may be needed and what those costs will be is convenient.

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ServiceMASTER Restore Review

ServiceMASTER is a national commercial and residential cleaning service. The company also provides complete fire and water damage restoration services. If your home has been impacted by a natural disaster, a flood or a fire, its locations around the country should provide a quick response to help return your home to safe and livable conditions.

In the event of an emergency, the company's dispatch services are available 24 hours a day throughout the year, including holidays. If water damage restoration is needed in the event of a flood or any type of water damage, a team assesses the type of damage based on the source of the water. This categorization scheme helps the staff determine the methods and equipment needed. If the water has been sitting for two days or more, due to the likely growth of mold spores, the damage is immediately rated as category two.

Fire damage restoration includes cleanup from smoke damage, potential water damage from fire hoses or sprinklers, and assessing what personal items can be completely restored. This could include jewelry, documents, carpets, flooring, clothing, fine art and electronics. A team also inspects the framing of the home for damage and odor contamination.

If standing water has been left unattended or you suspect that you have any mold growing in the home, the company's mold remediation services may be needed. Detection equipment is deployed to determine where mold is growing, and a quote is provided to include the cost of complete cleanup and safe removal. If your carpeting was exposed to water, ServiceMaster Restore teams consider the age and condition of the carpet to help you determine the cost of replacement if need be. ServiceMaster can also determine the overall damage to wood flooring and can restore it when possible. It can additionally provide a quote for the overall value of the flooring based on when it sustained damage. These quoting services could be useful for you and your insurance provider.

ServiceMASTER is a cleaning company and not a general contractor. While its staff can advise you of the areas of your home that have sustained damage, if it needs structural repairs, you need to contact a general contractor or a construction company for inspections and quotes. The company can provide thorough cleaning and emergency restoration services and is qualified to help you assess the damage to your home in the event of a flood or fire.

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SERVPRO has nationwide locations on call 24 hours per day. If your home has been damaged by a fire or has been impacted in any way by water damage, the company has staff who are certified to help out. It can also provide quotes and work with your insurance provider to ensure the damage is remedied as soon as possible.

The company offers a range of emergency services, including water, fire and storm damage restoration as well as mold remediation. Offices operate on a 24-hour, seven-days-per-week schedule, so technicians are available day and night. Specialists also provide residential cleaning services in addition to restoration services. Double check with your insurance provider, but many homeowner policies also cover charges for additional cleanup to help remove any additional stains in carpets and walls.

The staff use specialized equipment to detect any trapped or hidden moisture. Large machines extract standing water, and deodorization and sanitation supplies help return your home to optimal conditions as quickly as possible. This equipment can also help prevent the spread of mold or odors from mildew.

In the case of a fire, SERVPRO provides complete upholstery cleaning and smoke stain removal. This service includes removing of as many of the soot stains and odors from surfaces as possible. If need be, damaged and exposed areas of the home can be isolated with tarps and coverings. If sprinklers or fire hoses were activated during the fire, water damage restoration experts on staff can assess whether any further repairs are required.

In the event of a storm, SERVPRO teams are trained to remove damage associated with water and flooding. It is not a licensed general contractor. If you have any external damage to the home from a felled tree or high winds, you also want to reach out to a service that employs licensed general contractors to provide you with a quote to repair your roof and home exterior. In general, its water and fire restoration experts are there to focus on stopping the spreading of mold and to remove unpleasant smells.

SERVPRO is open 24/7 to help make your home inhabitable after a fire, flood or storm. While the company doesn't fix any structural damage, it can help prevent the spread of any further damage and eliminate stains and odors.

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Stanley Steemer Review

Stanley Steemer is best known as a carpet and upholstery cleaning services. The company also provides emergency water intervention services to help you recover up from a flooding incident. Its water damage restoration service can not only remove excess water from your home but also assess items that have been adversely affected by moisture.

The company guarantees a service team member will contact you within 15 minutes of your initial call to set up an appointment. During your initial call, a restoration specialist starts by informing you of what you can do immediately to protect your items and safety. The company further guarantees that a crew will arrive within three hours of the first call.

On site, teams remove standing water with industrial-grade extraction equipment, which can also remove excess water from upholstery and furniture. If needed, carpeting and padding are removed to ensure complete and thorough drying. Affected furniture and household goods are removed and stored to ensure that the company's team can complete the drying process efficiently.

Stanley Steemer's trained staff members use advanced water detection equipment to search for any trapped moisture. As is standard with any water removal service, large industrial fans and commercial-grade dehumidifying equipment are installed to completely dry out your home. The equipment remains active until daily inspections determine it can be safely removed.

If you are concerned about the start and spread of mold, Stanley Steemer does not provide services to aid in its detection or removal. Mold remediation services are a separate specialty and require different equipment. Severe water damage can cause the spread of mold, and if you want to use a single provider for mold cleanup and water removal, you may want to consult a different emergency restoration service. If your water damage occurred in relation to a fire, you may want to consult a provider who can provide fire damage restoration services simultaneously.

Stanley Steemer can help with immediate water cleanup rather than longstanding water issues. It has a guaranteed 15-minute callback window and is on site within three hours of the initial call. However, it doesn't offer mold removal or cleanup of smoke-related damage from a fire.

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