Anyone who lives in an office environment has probably come up with many creative ways to pass the time and break up the monotony of mouse clicking and keyboard crunching. Our top-rated site for office supplies online, Office Depot, has dedicated a portion of their website to paying tribute to office workers  creative uses of office supplies.

Office Depot has coined the term  SLOBs,  or  Strange Little Office Beings,  to refer to the unique construction projects people create out of supplies found around the office. The subsection of the Office Depot website is accessible from the main site and has areas for people to upload pictures of their own little office-supply critters. If you ve ever looked at a used printer cartridge and thought about how much it looks like a miniature robot head, or experimented with the sculpting capabilities of paper clips, erasers and coffee stirrers, maybe you should try creating your own SLOB and uploading a picture to the SLOB gallery for people across the world to admire.

The site also has various activities, including a SLOB creator program. Using this program, you can use a set of virtual office supplies to invent your own SLOB. To save your creation, you have to create an account on the website and then give your critter a name. When you create an account, you get a number of credits that you use to buy parts to add to your SLOB. The supplies are broken up into categories according to which  body part  they will become. For example, under the  Heads  tab you can choose a number of items like a webcam, coffee maker, printer or a number of other things that look vaguely like they have faces.

Once you have created your initial SLOB, you can use it to compete in races with Office Depot s house SLOBs. The more you complete activities on the site, the more credits you ll earn that can be used to add more details and features to your creation. You can create up to six different SLOBs on your account. The site has a gallery of SLOBs created by other users and you can view and challenge them to compete in activities in order to earn more credits. Your SLOBs gain strength when you add more valuable items to them. Even if you lose a challenge, you still get points so it s worthwhile to compete with more advanced SLOBs. The site also has tools for sharing your SLOBs with friends via email or Facebook. We don t recommend doing this while you re at work, just in case your boss is keeping an eye on your profile.

Even the most responsible hard workers need a little time to unwind during the day. Studies have shown that short breaks throughout the day actually increase productivity. Spending a few minutes here and there working on creating and upgrading your virtual SLOB can help you get more done while working. If you work in a fun office environment, you might even suggest an office-wide competition to see who can create the most tricked-out SLOB.

For all the supplies you need to create actual SLOBs, check out our list of the best sites for office supplies online, including the creator of the SLOB program, Office Depot. At TopTenREVIEWS We Do the Research So You Don t Have To. 


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