Business Backup Services: Prepare to Survive a Disaster

Business Backup Services: Prepare to Survive a Disaster

Just before Hurricane Sandy slammed the eastern seaboard of the U.S., businessman David Schnurman was facing one of the most crucial deadlines for his online company and he knew everything had to be working. He quickly moved all the company's data into a cloud-based storage service and his firm never missed a beat or let any of its clients down.

Schnurman's story, reported by Fox News Network, illustrates how important it can be for some small companies to have offline storage for valuable information and client services.

In this case, the company is, which gives continuing legal education for more than 100,000 lawyers. Right before the hurricane, the firm had 15 live webcasts planned for attorneys who were renewing their licenses in Virginia only days away from the deadline to complete their online studies, according to Fox News.

The efforts to put everything safely with a  business online backup service was part of an overall disaster plan for his company that proved to be indispensable.

As a small business owner, you may never face a hurricane, but there are numerous threats to business data that could ruin a company by wiping outs its important commercial information: hard drive crashes, extended power outages, fire, a burst water pipe, hackers motivated by malice or greed, computer glitches that need extensive and expensive IT support and much more.

Many small business owners might be content to rely on methods of business data backup storage. There certainly is a place for external hard drives and they can be extremely handy. However, many small business owners might consider investigating the potential of business backup services that are cloud-based.

For one thing, your business information will be stored safely in another location if something goes terribly awry at your business. Top-notch business online backup services use redundant storage, which means that at least two copies of backup files are kept securely in two different physical locations.

If you opt for quality business data storage, your files will be stored with a powerful type of encryption, which typically means 448-bit Blowfish or 256-bit AES encryption algorithm. Your files also will be safe while they are being transferred if the service you choose employs SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) approach to addressing security needs.

Depending on how much data you need to store for your enterprise, a business cloud storage service could also end up being more cost-effective than other storage solutions. Top-ranked storage services typically offer a variety of storage packages with different price points. You can start small and always upgrade your service as your company grows.

Schnurman, the founder of, is certainly convinced, according to Fox News. All his clients got the services they needed despite Hurricane Sandy's devastation. "The Monday (of the storm) was one of the best days for the company we had all year," Schnurman said.


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