In our reviews of the best business VoIP services, we focused our research and testing on small- to medium-sized businesses. We identified several important aspects of each VoIP service for these types of organizations, but what if you re looking for a more advanced solution, or maybe you don t require as much as these plans offer? In this article, we take a look at two great business VoIP services one dedicated to smaller businesses and startups, and the other to enterprise-level businesses that will help you achieve your goals and strengthen your business. Take a look with us at Skype s new business VoIP venture as well as the robust and enterprise-targeted plans by XO Communications.

Skype VoIP for Startups
Skype is a well-known VoIP provider that provides video chat and computer-to-computer calling for millions of consumers around the world. Business users are next on their list, and they re rolling out features for their new business VoIP service that are quite promising. Skype for businesses provides business users like you with many of the standard VoIP calling features packed in their familiar and easy-to-use interface. Their pricing plans for minute usage are also unique and impressive; Skype allows businesses to purchase minutes and store them as  credits.  These credits can be allocated to individuals in the business by managers, bringing flexibility and efficiency to your business  phone system.

Several of the basic calling features are available free of charge like Skype-to-Skype calls but the more advanced features that many businesses require are done on a cost basis. Since Skype is a European-based company, many of their basic plans are focused only on European local needs, so you will have to purchase a more expensive plan if you live outside of this area. If you re just starting your business and you need some affordable business VoIP plans, Skype will provide you with several features with very low operating costs. For a cost-conscious startup, Skype earns a mention as one of the best business VoIP providers.

XO Communications for Enterprise VoIP
One of the most popular enterprise business VoIP providers is XO Communications. If you re looking for a service that provides more than the standard business VoIP host, XO can deliver several enterprise-level features that you may not be able to find in some of the smaller providers, like multiple office hosting. They also provide almost every feature that you could need to run a successful business. Their customer support is impressive, and the 90-day money-back guarantee they provide is a step above most other providers. They differ slightly from standard providers in that they bundle their business VoIP service along with high-speed internet. If you re looking for a large-business VoIP solution, XO Communications will provide you with everything you need and more. And, with their upcoming offers of mobile compatibility and their addition of an e911 service, this service could take the place of your existing phone system quite easily.

Whether you re a small business looking for a high-quality VoIP provider, a startup searching for a cost-effective plan or an enterprise-level business attempting to integrate all of your communications under one heading, there is a business VoIP solution available for you.

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