Email marketing is a time-tested staple, while social media sites can still seem like the wave of the future. These marketing opportunities are far from exclusive, though. Here are 10 ways to build strong campaigns by integrating social media and email seamlessly.

1. Crosslink in Your Emails

Include buttons to all your social media sites in your email header. These simple icons immediately alert your customers to your presence on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. If they prefer to connect on a different platform, they can do so in one click.

2. Promote Email Newsletters

Regularly promote the benefits of your email newsletter on all your social media sites. Offer a compelling reason for your fans to subscribe via email. For example, promise them free coupons or a special eBook.

3. Maintain Active Groups

On a site like LinkedIn, your activity can become part of regular email updates that you don't even craft yourself. Simply maintain an active presence with new posts and lively group conversations. Your group will then pop up in regular email messages from the social media site.

4. Tease the Benefits of Social Media

Use your email marketing campaigns to highlight the benefits of engaging on different platforms. Promote a Twitter party, encourage customers to participate in a photo contest on Instagram, or point them toward an exclusive sweepstakes with Facebook email marketing.

5. Use Email Testing to Time Your Posts

Test different days and times via email to see when your audience is most active. Take the results and use them across all your platforms, posting to sites like Twitter and Facebook when your customers are most likely to be on.

6. Include Tweetable Lines in Your Email

Draft a compelling tweet about your company and include it in your email. Link the line to Twitter so your readers can share the carefully crafted message in just one click.

7. Test Images on Facebook Ads to Improve Emails

Images play a big role in the success of Facebook ads. Try a few different options and see which visual campaigns perform best. Use a creative email address and include the winning pictures in your email campaigns.

8. Feature Customer Content in Email Campaigns

Use your emails to highlight tweets, Facebook comments or Instagram photos in which customers tag your company. This encourages participation and makes your customer base feel more like a community.

9. Integrate Your Data and Build Stronger Customer Profiles

If you don't have the same team working on email and social media campaigns, make sure they're at least integrating their data. Each platform offers new insights. Used together, they build an impressive picture of your audience.

10. Put Social Media Buttons on Your Unsubscribe Page

Emails aren't for everyone. When a customer unsubscribes from your email, make sure you offer the opportunity to connect on another platform so you don't lose touch completely.

Build a strong campaign that plays to the strengths of each social media site while still presenting a cohesive company image. Used together, email and social media marketing will give you a powerful approach that's sure to get noticed.

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