Remember this statement: Email marketing is not dead. Everyone says it is. Everyone thinks it is. In reality, it s not. As a marketer or part of a PR/Marketing team, you have to understand the nuances of how email has changed in order to take advantage of email marketing s potential.

Put things in perspective; reflect on how you currently use your email. Your response to unsolicited emails grabs your attention for a reason. Messaging on our phones, TVs and computers bombards us every waking hour. Reflect on that for a moment, and create a mental image.

Now that you are reflecting, think about the tone, the construction of the message and what the provocation or call to action is. For email marketing, there are approaches that consistently work for reasons you may have not considered. Here are 10 tips to improve your campaign regardless of its subject.

  1. Grant exclusivity   Retail outlets and supermarkets have harnessed the ideal of exclusivity for ages by using cards and incentives. They communicate incentives partially in the form of an email. Their customers won t reject the email because they willingly elected to be part of it. They expect to receive rewards, incentives, and coupons. They are a part of a special program, and that makes for higher response rates to emails.
  2. Add a personal touch   It may feel contrived and insincere to add personal data form fields to a blast message, but your audience is more likely to respond when they don t feel like a number. Make the email more personal and less like a corporate sales pitch.
  3. Create a reward   Structure emails with a call to action. Offer special discounts or incentives that are time-bound. Part of your challenge is to repeat what works and avoid efforts that produce few or no results. Shorter periods provide less data to analyze, and from the analysis comes insight into what is working and what is not.
  4. Follow trends   Social media trends offer opportunities to get closer to what your customer is thinking. Take the pulse of your clients to achieve productive relationships. Campaigns are far more likely to hit the mark when they re based on real-time data, not market research that lags several months behind. Look for banner events or movements and determine ways to be part of that.
  5. Buttons are effective   Learn more, click here   it works. This approach truncates the chatter in your message and gets the user to the payoff. You want your customers to attend, download or become part of something. They will act on that if you give them a button to click.
  6. Show some care    You missed our big event. Here s another chance to save.  With two simple sentences, you acknowledge your clients lead busy lives. Show them you understand and care by extending the deal.
  7. Make your email an event   It s not just a new product or a new deal. It is an announcement. It is a big deal. Now is the time to make that big announcement and help users feel they are part of the event. Inclusion goes right along with exclusivity.
  8. Say thank you   People value appreciation, even if it comes from a store. Those two words carry a lot of weight.
  9. Ask for opinions   Show your customers you value their opinion. Let them know their experience is vital to you. After all, it is. Feedback from your target audience is golden.
  10. Happiness is contagious   Take a lesson from Starbucks, which is exceptional at creating  happy  emails. In addition to the show of appreciation, you can give your customer a virtual smile in simple but effective ways. Give a coupon. Make them laugh. You will develop your brand ambassadors.

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