Over the past few years, eCommerce sales have far exceeded early projections of $30 billion per year. With half of all online sales coming from sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, social media platforms demonstrate their effectiveness as tools for a thriving business. Although Facebook dominates the social realm as primarily a personal media source, its impact in eCommerce is undeniable. With more than 10 million small businesses registered on Facebook   a number that is steadily growing   it is no surprise that roughly 90 percent of business owners consider the social media behemoth a key marketing tool.

Your Social Presence Matters

On average, Facebook hosts more than 890 million active users each day from every country in the world. This high volume of social traffic is the ideal audience for businesses to drive brand recognition and sales. With an average of 85 percent of all eCommerce orders generated through Facebook, per Shopify, the numbers prove that your social presence sells.

As the popularity of social media continues to soar, business owners have more and more opportunity to market their products and services, with global exposure. After all, more than 70 percent of Facebook s 800 million users are over 18 and most likely in the driver s seat when it comes to making buying decisions.

When a business advertises on social platforms such as Facebook, it gets massive exposure and the opportunity for instant connection. Within a few clicks users can explore, share and get feedback from other users about products and services. This explosion of online information creates even more exposure, a self-perpetuating trend. Not only does Facebook offer ways to advertise and solicit sales, but the site makes it increasingly easy for users to scope out companies. In fact, through the use of company pages and sponsored ads Facebook is responsible for roughly 31 percent of all referral traffic to business websites, according to Forbes. Facebook users tend to feel better about purchasing goods and services from companies with a profile on social media outlets. To the consumer there is something to be said for a company with the highly visible public image that social media can offer.

Bringing Your Clients to Your Door

Facebook is a mainstay of eCommerce. The number of business owners and marketers that consider Facebook and other social media platforms a key component of their bottom line has increased dramatically over the last several years. Since 2009, the number of marketing professionals that include Facebook in their business plan has grown by more than 75 percent. Social media platforms give businesses a way to connect with more people and faster than ever before.

However, it doesn t end there. The love goes both ways. More than 80 percent of consumers prefer to connect with their favorite brands through Facebook. Facebook brings the online market to consumers, as we ve seen, but it also brings those consumers to the online market. The ultimate word-of-mouth, user-reviewed, ratings-driven market helps quality businesses receive recognition and reward while simultaneously putting intelligent shopping selections in front of the consumer.

For small businesses looking for a leg up on the competition, Facebook seems like an obvious choice. Programs such as Shopify can help you build your online presence. It offers easy setup, complete customization and the potential to reach millions of customers makes a company Facebook page a useful tool. To increase profitability referrals from social media sites to company websites, businesses need to offer more than just information.

If you do not have a Facebook presence, your small business is losing opportunities to reach many, many people, every day. It really is that simple.

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