Pearl Echo Internet Management Software For Windows 7

Pearl Echo Internet Management Software For Windows 7

Pearl Echo is now Windows 7 and 2008R2 compatible. The company recently celebrated their passing of Microsoft s Windows 7 logo testing and are now Windows Server 2008 R2 Ready. Their technical support continues to serve customers as usual according to most internet management software standard's.

One of our top choices of internet management software, the newest version of Pearl Echo is now capable of additional functionality to their secure site (https) monitor and control. Users can now block all https protocols, allow all https, block specific https addresses or allow certain https addresses.

Additionally, the Pearl Echo Admin console automatically converts https IP activity into fully qualified domain names (FQDN), if they exist. This helps in the reports that now show both IP and FQDN. Furthermore, Pearl Echo now has added functionality to exclude all https sites from being logged, if so desired by the user.

In addition to internet access policy based on user name and active directory group name, the company added the ability to set policy based on computer name. This is useful in situations where restrictions should apply to a terminal, regardless of who is using it.

The Pearl Echo service is Domain-Aware and will automatically find the directory of AD users, groups and computers. If the environment does not have Active Directory, Pearl Echo will automatically revert to the machine s local LDAP list of Users and Groups.

Pearl Echo will also accommodate smaller peer-to-peer installations and allow internet access profiles based on local login names and computer names. The Pearl Echo Server Software will automatically sense its environment and will configure itself accordingly, making it still one of the easiest internet management software we reviewed.

Spector Pro has released their 2010 version which is capable of recording all events on your child's or employee's computer. The new version provides an administrator with full recording option of activities on MySpace and Facebook. Not only keystrokes are recorded of course, but both sides will be available in the reports. Reporting features along with internet and chat blocking, to mention a couple, have seen some minor updates too.

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