It used to be that to make a website, you had to learn HTML, hire someone or convert a simple blog to do the work of a more extensive website. However, it's now easier than ever to design a great looking website that can handle not only text and images, but also video, audio, eCommerce, social media interactions and more. No longer does the casual website owner need to know programming code or hire someone to make changes to a webpages. There are plenty of web design software solutions that include hosting or can work with any website host. We've looked at ten of the best for our lineup, but that just scratched the surface. Below are five other great choices that didn't fit our parameters but are nonetheless well worth looking into.

EZGenerator: This program comes with 2,800 templates that are mobile responsive so they look good on tablets and smartphones as well as desktops. The software takes a different approach to design by having you create tables to place elements. It takes a little getting used to but isn't hard to figure out, although the shopping cart feature was not as easy to set up as it was in other website development programs we tested. The layout features and image tools are easy to use, however, and we especially liked the pop-out tool that let us create different styles of pop-ups. One unique feature that impressed us was the tabbed table. With this tool, you can dedicate tabs on a page for product description, specifications and review. There are only a couple of how-to videos, but the online guide is searchable and illustrated, and you can email support if you have questions it doesn't answer.

NetObjects Fusion: This website design solution has a lot going for it in terms of features, but the interface is outdated. If you are familiar with graphics software, you will probably learn it quickly, but otherwise, it will take time to learn. Rather than having everything easily accessible from the work screen, you need to go to your files to access templates, for example. This was an annoyance, as you could not see the different template styles until after you'd loaded it into the program. However, this program did have eCommerce, pop-up and graphics tools. You can create members-only sections as well. There is a thorough knowledgebase, but that's the only support this website design solution offers.

Xara Web Designer Professional: Xara Website Designer Pro is feature-rich website design software with extensive features to help you learn and master the program. It has many strong design features so that both beginner and intermediate website designers can create eye-catching and useful sites. The interface looks a little complex at first because there are so many tools, but with the tips and tutorials, it's not difficult to learn, and if you are familiar with graphics software, you'll find several of the functions familiar. Xara does not have the ability to create password-protected pages or allow visitors to register and log in, so it's not as good for websites that want a members-only section.

WebPlus: When you first look at WebPlus, you may be intimidated by the huge number of menus and options. This website design software is one of the largest we reviewed in terms of size and functionality. However, that is where its strength lies. It can create nearly every function we looked for in a basic website, plus features that you would expect for a complex eCommerce or online club website. It has all the features we looked for, plus a plethora of others. We especially liked the built-in search feature. We were also impressed at the membership options. They make this particularly useful for online groups or clubs that want to have specific sections available for members. Finally, this website design software works with eleven languages, making it an excellent choice for non-English speaking programmers or for an international audience. It has multiple ways to get support, including a how-to book.

WebSite X5: This website design software is one of the most intuitive and versatile that we reviewed. It takes a different approach from most modern programs. Rather than a simple drag and drop of items, which you then have to line up and match, it allows you from the beginning to determine the layout in terms of blank placeholders. Once you have your layout set up, you can assign texts, images, video and other objects to the cells. If you want an object to take up a greater space, you drag and drop the object over multiple cells. Website X5 offers extensive options for each feature. The text feature, for example, allows you to import web fonts, including Google fonts, in order to get the perfect look. Pop-ups can float across the screen, show up as stationary graphics or even curl a corner of the webpage to get the viewer's attention. The one drawback to this web design software is the company is based in Italy, making phone support problematic. It does have a knowledgebase and tutorial, however.

Website design has come a long way in a few short years, with powerful solutions containing website development tools that let you create a site that can do anything from show off your hiking adventures to sell items online. Give some of these programs a go, but don't forget to check out our top ten list of products for other powerful solutions.

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