Selling products and services online can be challenging. Understanding what makes some online consumers buy and what makes others leave without spending a dime is the key to online business success. But how do you strategize for someone you can't see, won't ever meet and may never talk to?

Most online companies rely entirely on the age-old formula of trial and error, but there is a better way to take the guesswork out of planning for your business.

One powerful option on the market today is live chat customer support software. This innovative tool lets your online support staff 'speak' with consumers visiting your website through chat technology-giving your support staff one-on-one interaction with website visitors.

Through live chat sales software, your reps can meet a consumer at the door, so to speak, answer questions or even suggest special offers, which until now were perks that only employees of physical stores could offer.

But speaking directly to web visitors isn't the only benefit live chat sales software offers. Chat software monitoring tools let you see where your consumers came from, watch how they navigate through your website and track how much time they spend on each webpage.

In a nutshell, live chat customer support gives you a bird's-eye-view of your website, your online consumer and how they interact together.

Here are few other benefits that live help support provides:

  • Proactive Invitation
    This feature allows your chat operators to initiate chat, giving them the ability to ask browsing customers if they need help, when typically it is the customer who initiates a chat session. Proactive invitation is available on most live chat sales software programs.

    Note: this feature may not work with customers who automatically block unsolicited popups.

  • Track Visitor Footprints
    This tool gives you power to track how each consumer navigates through your website-which links they use, which pages they visit and how much time they spend on each page. It also shows you at which point they abandoned your site and where they decided to buy. This feature is available on most live chat sales software programs.

  • Track Visitor Refer
    Available on most live chat customer support programs, this feature lets you to see how each consumer found your website-whether through a search engine or a link. This information helps you plan effective marketing strategies-helping you decided where to best place your advertising dollars.

  • Live Keywords
    No feature beats live keywords when it comes to making your website rank high on search engines. This tool not only shows you which search engine (Google, Yahoo, and others) referred your customer, but which keywords consumers used to find you.

    Also, if you know which online keywords are most popular for your product, you'll be able to include more keywords on your website. (The live keywords feature is only available on a few programs, including Livehelper and Velaro.)

With live chat customer support software, you can better understand your online consumer, improve their online experience and see clearly which parts of your website are not fulfilling their purpose. All these perks allow you to better understand your consumers and increase sales by converting borderline buyers into pleased patrons.

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