When it comes to email marketing services, no two are exactly alike. Find out whether Mad Mimi or MailChimp better meets your company s email marketing needs with this feature comparison.

Email Designs and Templates

Design is where Mad Mimi truly shines. When companies use this service, they ll find it nearly impossible to send out an unattractive or poorly designed email campaign. Instead, emails from Mad Mimi feature a clean look that s also eye-catching. The service also offers design assistance for an additional boost.

MailChimp makes selecting and using email templates a straightforward process, as the service offers hundreds of options for users to choose from. Companies can add a personal touch to the out-of-the-box designs, and users can also create their own designs from scratch.

Email Client Testing

Unless a company markets toward a very narrow group of subscribers, chances are that its subscribers rely on a number of email platforms. Since not all platforms display emails the same way, it s important to make sure that any email your company sends is legible and looks great. With Mad Mimi, you can be sure that any email campaign you design will look good in all browsers and clients.

MailChimp takes this feature one step further and allows users to preview their campaigns as they will look within a number of standard email clients. This service also alerts users to the most popular email client among their subscribers, which can make design and layout decisions much easier.

Marketing Automation

An increasingly critical feature for email marketing campaigns, marketing automation allows users to create a series of standard emails that their subscribers will automatically receive at certain junctures. Mad Mimi offers just a baseline level of marketing automation, with options to send automated emails for new subscriptions and to subscribers who click on email links. MailChimp offers a wider range of marketing automation options, such as personalized emails based on subscriber interests and emails triggered by actions and experiences on the company s website.

A/B Testing

Most email marketing service reviews stress the importance of A/B testing, which allows users to test the success of different versions of the same email. Even though this is generally considered to be a critical feature, it s one place where the two services differ greatly. MailChimp offers A/B testing options with both of its paid levels but not with its free level. In contrast, Mad Mimi doesn t offer A/B testing at all, a major con for many companies.

Third-Party App Integration

Mad Mimi s services integrate with about two dozen third-party apps. Users can take advantage of, for example, customer relationship management tools like Salesforce as well as links for social media platforms to increase each campaign s success rate.

MailChimp offers integration with a handful of third-party apps. Users can customize their marketing campaigns by incorporating eCommerce apps like PayPal and Shopify. MailChimp also includes full social media integration, so companies can encourage subscribers to share emails and campaigns on all major social media platforms.


Tracking campaign metrics is important for measuring success and modifying future email campaigns to meet goals. Both Mad Mimi and MailChimp include Google Analytics integration to streamline tracking. MailChimp also offers advanced subscriber activity reports, so you can review open and click-through history for each individual subscriber.


Mad Mimi has four pricing levels, starting with a $10 (per month) basic service for up to 500 subscribers. The Pro and Silver levels support larger email lists and offer greater speed, while the Gold level supports up to 350,000 subscribers and offers top speed.

In the world of email marketing, MailChimp offers one of the few available free services. The free version lacks the entire suite of features and supports a maximum of 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month, but it s still a convenient option for small businesses. MailChimp also offers a Growing Business level that includes A/B testing features, as well as a full-featured Pro Marketer level. The Growing Business level starts at $20 per month for 1,000 subscribers.

When comparing Mad Mimi vs. MailChimp, it s clear that each service offers distinct benefits for different kinds of subscribers. For Mad Mimi, design and third-party app integration are the service s strongest pros, while the lack of A/B testing and elaborate marketing automation stand out as cons. For MailChimp, A/B testing and marketing automation are clear pros, while higher pricing and less sophisticated design stand out as cons.

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