In a time when everything is done online, including business, one might ask why it is necessary to even carry business cards. Can t you email prospective clients, post on their Facebook walls or send them a direct tweet on Twitter if you want to approach them? Of course you can, but what will you do when you meet a client face-to-face at a business or networking meeting? Besides, hiding behind your computer screen is not good business. To find a great place to print your business cards, visit our side-by-side matrix comparing the top online business card printingservices.

So get up and out of that office chair and start making your business card work for you. We ve compiled a list of a few must-have elements to make sure your business card is doing its fair share of the heavy lifting.


How your business card is designed will tell your clients more about you than you d imagine. A cheap, flimsy card will tell your customer you didn t invest much in your business card printing, but a card printed on heavy 100lb cardstock will tell them you value the image of your business. The finish is up to you, and you can use it to say something about your company. If your business is based in recycled products, print business cards on recycled paper; if your business is very corporate and streamlined, try a high gloss finish; if your company is cutting edge and modern, try a matte finish.

When choosing the business card printing service you ll use to print your cards, find a company that either lets you upload your own business card designs or one that has high-end templates. There is nothing worse than a hokey design on your business card. The point of a business card is to present you as a professional in the business world, and if you choose a business card design with stock clip art or an old-fashioned design, you will look cheap and outdated. Instead, present a more professional front by choosing a modern design with tasteful colors.


Give clients a reason to hang onto your business card. Use a business card printing service that will print promotional codes on the back of your cards. These cards can then be redeemed for a gift or discount on your website. Not only will the client hold onto your business card for longer than usual, but the card will drive traffic to your website. You could also print a coupon on the back of the business card offering a buy-one-get-one deal or a free upgrade on a service. When the client comes in to redeem the coupon, hand them another one to be used at a different time. More foot or web traffic equals more business.

Essential Information

You business card is your calling card, the place where people will look for the best way to contact you. When you make business cards, be sure to include every contact method that seems relevant to your business:

  • Full Name
  • Position   your position in the company may not come out in a normal conversation, but including this information lets you tout your title without sounding vain.
  • Company Address
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • Email Address
  • Social Media Pages   do you tweet or have a Facebook profile? Include your Twitter handle and other social media icons to let clients know they can also find you in those locations.

When you invest in a professional business card, you can feel confident in it representing your business well. There are several online business card printing services out there, but be wary of those offering free business cards. Most likely the cards will come back to you with images watermarked or with the business card printing company s logo on them. Your image, and that of your business, is worth an investment in professional, high-quality business cards.

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