Near field communication, or NFC, is the latest in technological advances that is quickly changing the way information is communicated between individuals and devices. NFC technology allows devices, such as smartphones, tablets, etc., to quickly share information between each other by simply tapping or waving one device close to another. Though security badges have used this technology for quite a while, more and more businesses are employing the use the near field technology in other, innovative ways.

Grocery stores now allow you to wave your smartphone close to the checkout console and instantly pay for your groceries. Tapping cell phones that are NFC enabled instantly transfers information from one to another. Even point and shoot cameras are beginning to include this feature to allow the shooter to quickly share photos with family and friends, or download to a laptop or tablet for easy, online sharing. NFC business cards are now beginning to pop up, taking the place of traditional business cards and saving a lot of money in the end.

Near field communication business cards place a microchip in between the paper layers of the business card. This chip is synchronized with your computer to allow you to determine the information you want stored there. When the business card is touched to a smartphone, your company information is automatically shared and filed in the receiver's contact list. You are not limited to simple contact information, either. You can design your NFC chip to include music, coupons, links to your website or a mobile app. Any information that you want your clients or potential customer to have can be stored and, ultimately, shared.

The initial cost of NFC business cards is high compared to traditional business cards. However, the overall cost is much cheaper. Standard business cards are often torn, misplaced, ruined by coffee spills or completely ignored. NFC business cards, however, can be reused as each potential partner taps his or her phone to your business card, instantly receiving your crucial business information, including driving directions to your office, business hours and financial information. This means you don't have to waste money purchasing an inundating amount of paper business cards, the majority of which may never be used. Additionally, NFC cards can be reprogrammed and updated to include the latest promotion or new employee-contact information. There is no need to reorder new business cards if you run out or one of your company representatives quits.

In addition to the initial price tag, the only other real turndown of NFC cards is the limitations in creative flexibility. Right now, most NFC cards are available in the standard rectangular business card sharp, with a few circular cards available. Specialty shapes, like monkey cupcakes, wrenches, bicycles, etc., are not available, though it is probably safe to believe the ability to do this isn't too far from being a reality.

NFC business cards are a fascinating idea in business card design. While it is gaining attention, not many business card printing services offer this option. In fact, the only service reviewed by Top Ten Reviews that offer near field communication business cards is Moo. It's very likely, with this technology gaining traction, that more business card printing services will soon offer this feature as well.

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