Net Check In is a unique client scheduling program that is especially designed for hair salons and other similar personal service providers. Unlike traditional appointment booking calendars that allow clients to set appointments with their doctor, lawyer or other similar professionals, Net Check In creates a web-based system that lets your clients see your open appointments and reserve their spot for that service in real time. One of the biggest users of Net Check In is Great Clips, a well-known hair salon franchise.

In addition to seeing appointment times, clients will be able to see approximate wait times so that they can avoid busier time. This program provides a wait list just in case someone cancels a prime appointment time. It will also connect to a Google Map and show multiple locations if you have more than one salon or office. Once clients have booked their time, they will automatically be placed in the queue. You can decide from the administrative portal if they will be placed before or after walk-ins.

If you have multiple service professionals working at your location, Net Check In will allow clients to see who is working that day, what their schedule is and when they are available to serve them. It will also provide you with a check-in kiosk at your place of work so that as clients come in, they can see where they are in the queue and let you know they have arrived.

In addition to client scheduling, Net Check In has the ability to let you place links to job applications and other announcements, essentially taking the place of your business website. Because it is maintained by ICS, you don't have to worry about maintenance or IT issues.


Net Check In is a great appointment scheduling option for salons and other similar service providers that need a way for clients to reserve appointments in real time. This scheduling system provides wait lists, approximate wait times and reliable queues to help better meet your client's needs, reduce wait time and improve customer service.

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