Office supply stores today sell more than just traditional office supplies. Our top three sites for office supplies online  Office Depot, Staples and Office Max  have all expanded their product inventories to include virtually everything you need for an office environment.

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We ve put together this hierarchy to show how you might go about setting up an office space from scratch:

  1. First of all, office supply stores sell all the fixtures and furniture you need to set up a new office space. This includes the basic desks and chairs, but also extends into cubicle partitions and other structural elements to help define individual work areas. Most office workers agree that having a place to sit at work is essential. Creating comfortable work spaces for your employees keeps everyone happy and productive.
  2. Once you ve gotten the major fixtures in place, you can turn around and buy all the office machines you will need. In one stop you can buy all the computers, printers, fax machines and copiers you ll need for any office space, big or small. Even if you need to place a big bulk order for hundreds of items at once, you can still use the website and have everything delivered to your business.
  3. Next, you ll need everything to get your office machines up and running such as ink/toner, shredder lubricant, fax ribbons, register tape, etc. We suggest buying these items by the case. Not only will you save money per item by buying in bulk, but over time you ll save on shipping and packaging costs.
  4. Next comes the general office supplies. This includes both permanent fixtures like cork/dry erase boards and renewable supplies like paper, pens/pencils, paperclips, staples, thumb tacks, etc. If you need any custom forms, any of our top three office supply stores can do that as well. You upload your logo and design your form online and then have it shipped right to your door.
  5. Finally, for the unexpected part, our top-rated office supply stores also carry a range of supplies for break rooms and non-work areas. This includes coffeemakers, coffee, tea, cups, spoons, snacks, bottled water and other items you might keep in an employee break room. They even carry cleaners and disinfectants to keep your work areas clean. Providing comfortable non-work areas keeps employees from leaving the building for breaks and makes break time more refreshing.

Unofficial studies have shown that providing office employees with supplies including desks, chairs, computers, paper, trail mix, pretzels and coffee can increase office efficiency by up to 100%!

Here s another reason to use an office supply store as your one-stop shop: rewards! Our top three office supply stores  Office Depot, Staples and Office Max  all offer impressive rewards programs for repeat customers. These rewards may come in the form of rebates, coupons or discounts.

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