Maybe you have a huge stack of papers filled with scribbles of bank information and other personal data and very little time. Perhaps you have a small business that needs to run credit checks for clients and so you've collected an assortment of papers that contain very private information. Whatever the case, when you're looking into paper-shredding options, a paper-shredding service should be one of the first options you consider.

Rather than purchasing a paper shredder, you can pay a company to come to your office and destroy all the documents you need. These companies are called paper-shredding services. This can be done on a regular basis to ensure that all your information is constantly protected. Also, there is a paper-shredding service available to simply stop by your home or office and destroy your documents as a one-time service. The documents are totally destroyed and the process is completely safe. No employees will view or handle the documents and everything will be recycled after document destruction.

Because each different paper-shredding service is located in a different area, obtaining a price quote has to be done individually. Your price will depend on factors such as how much paper you need shredded and where you're located. Some of the best paper-shredding services are Shred-it, Iron Mountain and Cintas.

One of the first questions to ask is why you would choose a paper-shredding service over purchasing your own shredder. Well, there are a few factors, including security and convenience. When you sign up for a mobile service that is regularly scheduled, the paper-shredding service will give you a box where you can store your documents that need to be destroyed. This is a secure location to keep sensitive information before destruction. The papers will be loaded directly from the box into the shredder. After the documents are totally shredded, you will be given a certificate of destruction. This can show that everything was securely destroyed and can be used if customers or clients are concerned about protecting their private information.

Paper-shredding services are also reviewed and monitored by the National Association for Information Destruction, which ensures that correct procedures are followed to keep all information destruction safe. If companies use practices that are not secure, NAID will revoke their certification. NAID also certifies that all companies are following any local and federal document-destruction regulations. In many areas, there are certain requirements for document destruction.

Another important option for paper-shredding services is the other destruction services these companies offer. You might have an old laptop computer, hard drive or other information storage devices that you need to get rid of, and paper-shredding services are perfect for the job. Just like the other options, you will be issued a certificate of destruction after the device is destroyed.

When selecting a paper-shredding service, look for secure options that have reliable customer service. Ask the company about the other items it can help you destroy when you're seeking a price quote. Paper-shredding services can be more convenient and secure than just purchasing a simple shredder.

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