Prophet is a good CRM software solution that integrates with your Outlook email program. Most of the CRM software products we reviewed also integrate with email programs; however, Prophet is the only one that you use inside your email program. This means you don't need to toggle between your CRM software and your email program since it is all nicely organized within Outlook.

Prophet has all the necessary functions you need and expect in customer relations management software. This includes customer account portals, customer interaction tracking and data importing. Prophet also includes other functions for creating email marketing campaigns, company profiling, sales tracking and employee performance reviews at no additional cost to you.

Under the Products/Services tab, Prophet lets you connect purchased products and service calls to each of your clients. This information is available to other employees who can help track client interactions and ensure quality sales and customer service. Each project can be assigned to a specific employee and then tracked to make sure promised calls are returned or IT issues quickly resolved.

Using the Report Manager, you can compile company and client data into reports, such as account sales, opportunities, pipeline forecasts and win/loss comparisons. These reports help you determine more aggressive marketing strategies, view company progress and even track your competition and its influence on your future forecasts.

Even though Prophet is run inside your Outlook program, this CRM software is still cloud based, so your data is secured on the Prophet servers with IT professionals monitoring and keeping it safe 24/7. This eliminates the need for you to invest in extra security software, computer hardware and IT personnel. You can access your client and company information on the go with the Prophet CRM mobile app.

Since Prophet works within Outlook, it isn't too difficult use, although at first it is difficult to figure out where each folder and function is located. The CRM tools look like other Outlook folders, so if you are used to working with stand-alone CRM solutions, Prophet may seem very basic in its design and functionality.

Prophet does have support options available if you need a little extra help. Online tutorials are easy to follow and the FAQs section has answers to many common questions. Once you familiarize yourself with the program, Prophet is quite simple to use.

Prophet isn't available through social media, such as Twitter or Facebook, and it doesn't have a live chat option available. You can, however, contact support personnel through email and via telephone. We found that our questions were answered quickly and politely when we contacted Prophet.

Prophet is a good CRM software solution and the only CRM we tested that runs within Outlook. It comes with all the necessary customer relations management tools you need and includes sales, marketing and company profile functions, too. While it's an adjustment to use the features inside Outlook, once you get the hang of it, you may find it convenient to have everything right at your fingertips.

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