No matter your business, hiring and training employees is a costly, time-consuming endeavor. But, how does one decrease turn over? There is not one, easy answer to this complex question but there are some universal practices that can help keep your employees enthusiastic and your business booming.

No One Cares About Your Title

Hard to hear, but true, having the title of manager will only take you so far with your employees. Your staff likes to feel that the person for whom they're busting their humps really cares about them.

No Two People Are the Same

Managers that keep employees understand that everyone is unique and requires a unique approach. Employee-retaining managers get to know their employees (i.e. a little about their families and so on), are supportive of their needs and find ways to create win-win situations.

Lead By Example

If you want your employees happy in the workplace, then you must show them it is possible. If you want them to be satisfied with their work, then you must first be satisfied with yours. Employees take their emotional cues from the management and if the manager is unhappy, the rest of the crew is sure to follow.

New Challenges Create New Energy

Little invigorates an employee more than a new challenge or responsibility. Stagnant employees quickly become bored, unhappy and even frustrated. Giving employees chances to perform new tasks or offer input empowers employees to feel more a part of the process and they're less likely to abandon something they feel they helped create.

Let Your Hair Down

One thing busy managers are notorious for is neglecting to have fun. Employees thrive in a work environment that's supportive to laughter, enjoyable to work in and pauses to party once in a while. These stress free moments are great for getting to know your employees and a good time to give one-on-one recognition.

Be Consistent

If you want consistent employment, then practice consistent management. Even if you are up to your neck in deadlines, maintain consistent, predictable management practices. Don't be a flighty manager unless you want flighty employees, if changes need to be made, communicate them logically.

Being a manager is hard enough, but adding an extra helping of turnover to your plate can be paralyzing. By consistently interacting with employees, engaging and challenging them and helping them to enjoy their job, you can retain employees, get the job done and maybe even have some fun along the way.

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