Do I have to have a master's degree in computer technology to use time tracking and management software successfully?

No, you don't need a master's degree, or any degree. Time tracking and management software is surprisingly easy to use. User-friendly interfaces, tutorials and online help make it so even a computer novice can use this software.

Will this software actually save me time?

Absolutely time tracking software will not only save you time, but also money. You can conveniently track all of your employees' hours, including vacation time, overtime, sick leave and even company holidays.

How many employees can I monitor with time tracking software?

You can manage all of your employees on one program; however, if you want to provide managers with a copy of the program you will have to purchase a license for each manager. Some software developers offer a package deal so you can purchase a number of licenses at one time.

How much does time tracking and management software cost?

This software costs anywhere from $55 to $1,300. Take note that many of the more expensive software products come with up to 10 licenses. If you need multiple licenses this may be the most cost-effective route. Whereas, if you only need one license you don't have to spend your money on 10.

There are so many software packages available, which one is right for my company?

Make a list of the functions you want the software to perform and the types of information your company wants to monitor, also consider how much the company is willing to spend. Reviews on all of the top software packages are available online on our time tracking & management software site, match your list of needs and price range to the most applicable program.

What else does time tracking and management software do other than track time?

Depending on the program, this software will do all kinds of practical things like create reports, generate invoices, manage contacts and track other activities like meetings and presentations and more.

Whom will this software benefit?

Time tracking and management software is great for mangers and business owners anyone who wants to track their employees and projects in an organized manner.

What system requirements do I need to operate time tracking and management software?

There is time tracking and management software for all systems including Windows 8, 7, Vista, Mac OS X, iOS and even Android. However, not all products work with all operating systems so when choosing a program, make sure that your system can support the software or choose a solution that uses a web browser.

If my computer crashes, will I lose all of my information?

You may lose some of your information, but many of the high-end programs have backup and restore data features so you won't lose everything. Nevertheless, we recommend always backing up important data with a data backup program on either an external hard, CD or other reliable storage device.

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