The Best Online Marketing Services for Small Businesses

The Best Online Marketing Services for Small Businesses

In today s world, marketing is an ever-changing beast that must continue to keep up with the interests of consumers. Knowing where and how to best market via the internet is difficult to do on your own, though many internet marketing services exist to help keep you on top of these trends. Whether it s making your website appear in the top search results, getting your banner ads to appear on the right websites or building an active social community, you ve got your hands full enough without having to do each of these alone.

Creating organic search traffic from Google can be a powerful influencing factor in the success of your marketing efforts, though without SEO internet marketing solutions, results can be intermittent at best. Here is a list of some of the best online marketing solutions available.









Any online marketing services review would agree that SEOMoz is a no-brainer. They not only offer a range of free and affordable tools for testing your website s current SEO efforts, but they can also identify SEO problems and test search engine accessibility to help you immediately improve page rankings. This is one company that knows how to walk the walk and displays their knowledge and expertise each day through their ever-popular blog.


This software caters to the self-service audience and offers many award-winning email marketing solutions that can be tailored to the individual needs of a business. While their main strength lies in email marketing, they don t relegate their services solely to this. In addition, they manage lists, provide event management, offer direct mail postcards and more. The company responsible for this product has designed the software to cater specifically to small businesses, a market in which they truly succeed.


Small businesses need solutions that enable them to succeed with very limited manpower. SocialEngine caters to this audience with a solid social network software that enables businesses to create their own online social communities. The software is an ideal option for building a loyal and socially-engaged brand following.


While Groupon may be predominantly thought of as a coupon service, this still serves as a strong marketing tool for businesses of any size. Groupon has managed to become a premier destination for discount and deal shoppers at a local level. If you re looking to clear out old inventory, grab new customers or simply offer new bargains, this is a fantastic option for reaching an audience you wouldn t otherwise be able to contact. At the same time, companies are warned to be cautious in their expectations for results. Groupon has a habit of sending more business than a small company can manage.


This is a popular targeted ad service network. Clicksor describes itself as a  contextual online advertising and behavioral marketing company.  In other words, they serve relevant ads on websites that are geared toward that specific type of audience. Clicksor allows you to easily monetize your own content and maintain control over what websites your advertisements appear on. This can be largely beneficial as other services might be displaying your ads for a completely different market audience that would not be receptive to the ads.

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