Online customer support typically exists within one of three worlds: technical support, sales and information services-each posing its own set of needs and unique challenges.

Fortunately, there is software available that is flexible enough to meet your company's individual support needs, regardless of your online expertise-live chat customer support software.

The following shows how live help software works within the different realms of online support:

Live Help Tech Support

The average online tech support customer needs answers, and needs them now. Online customers don't want to hold, they don't want to leave a message and they don't want to wait two days for an email response from your company.

But with live help support, your operators can satisfy your customers quickly and efficiently through innovative and convenient tools. Live help lets your operators run multiple chat sessions concurrently, cutting down on customer hold times, it also lets your representatives use prerecorded greetings (known as canned greetings) to save typing time and live chat provides chat histories of repeat customers (visitor history/transcripts) so chat operators can quickly look up information from previous chats.

Through live help support software, your online tech support operators will simply run more efficiently, allowing them to give your consumers the very thing we all need more of, time.

Live Chat Sales Support

Nothing irritates online consumers more than waiting on hold when they are ready to spend money. If you want their business, you need to be available when potential customers need answers.

In the past, online consumers were left to their own devices when it came to making online purchases. But with live chat sales support software, your operators are just a click and a few key strokes away.

Live chat lets your operators improve sales by answering questions and by offering consumers instant special offers, coupons and other incentives. You can get a glimpse of live chat support first hand by visiting the TopTenREVIEWS Anti-Spyware Software Review site.

Short of a handshake, live chat sales support software lets your reps do everything physical store employees do, while still allowing your consumers to shop from the comforts of their own home.

Information Services Support

Recently, many information-based websites have added live chat support software to help visitors find information.

For example, the official website of the State of Utah uses live chat to help visitors and residents find information fast-the reps will help you find anything from state laws to online camping reservations (see, look for the "24/7 Live Help" button). Live chat support is also popular with medical advice websites and tax advice websites.

As the So no matter your online specialty, live chat customer support software can work for you-giving your customers and visitors the online experience they want and deserve.

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