For customers, live chat software provides a convenient and contemporary way of connecting to the companies they do business with. They love bypassing long phone hold times and using their mobile devices to text with knowledgeable operators. But does chat software simply supplement existing email and phone services? The larger truth often surprises companies: Business chat software is a hidden treasure trove of sales and marketing data. And, in a population often concerned about revealing personal information, customers happily hand over this valuable data. Your company can become larger, stronger and more profitable if you take advantage of the hidden marketing data behind enterprise chat software.

Provide the modern communication services that customers seek, and you can also mine and use the following information:

Know Your Customer
While your agents are chatting with customers, many forms of data are collected behind the scenes. Customers may not know that records of every email and chat are being saved when they initiate a chat, but they re typically glad to chat with someone well informed. And, if they contact the company a second time, they appreciate not having to repeat the details of their story to yet another agent.

Operators are able to chat more knowledgeably because the software logs customer page visits, records geographical location and notes shopping cart purchases. If the customer is using a mobile phone or a tablet, this platform information is also tracked. A customer s Facebook, Twitter or other social media profile is available through many chat applications. And if search engine optimization (SEO) is important to you, most chat services collect lists of the search terms that brought a customer to your site. In an era when companies often buy demographic information, businesses with chat software benefit immeasurably from such  free  data, while the company represents itself in a friendlier, more-organized and more-informed way.

Manage Your Inventory
If you have a live chat service in place, it s much easier to manage your inventory. Not only can you record all products purchased, you can also record pages that customers lingered on without making a final purchase. A savvy marketing department can use this information to manage inventory, adjust pricing and tailor advertising campaigns to popular products. 

Manage Your Ad Campaigns
With enterprise-wide chat, you can monitor and segment your metrics by advertising campaign, sales activity and department. By reporting which pages customers come to live chat from, the software allows you to measure the impact of your campaigns or see which departments are the most successful.

Complete Your Sales
More than half of the merchandise added to online shopping carts goes unpurchased. If your company uses an eCommerce approach to generating revenue, your agents can leverage your enterprise chat environment to see the past shopping history of each visitor and be notified of any shopping cart activity. Such data is typically monitored and available right from the chat dashboard. If the agent uses this data to reach out to undecided buyers, perhaps offering them a coupon or other incentive, sales often increase dramatically.

Many larger companies also use customer relationship management (CRM) tools, like Salesforce, to track potential high-value purchasers. With a chat service in place, CRM implementations can be integrated with the chat software. Information collected during a chat about the pages the high-value customer has browsed   and how long they spent in any particular area   can be logged and added to the CRM database, shortening the sales cycle for even very large purchases.

Staff Your Support Team
The data provided by live chat implementation can help your HR department manage your support team with increased efficiency. Because a single well-informed agent can often do the job of three phone operators, more of your customers are in the hands of fewer operators. This makes it essential that the staffing of your chat team be productive and proactive. The reporting that is generated by the live chat software can be an invaluable part of this assessment. You can easily monitor the performance of an individual operator or an entire support team. You can evaluate the hours of peak demand, track average chat handling time and rate customer satisfaction.

Customers today are all about receiving the best value and service. Enterprise chat software can help your company provide this type of value to your customers at the same time you are deriving data that enables better business decisions. Greater customer loyalty, more completed purchases and a better-run and more profitable business can all come from the hidden marketing data to be found in your chat software.

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