It's Monday. The mid-afternoon meeting is about to start. The good news is that you don't have to sit in a cramped, muggy meeting room this time around. Instead, the meeting is being held through a web conferencing service. Now, you can stay at your desk and not have to nod at everything that's said in an employee meeting. No one will be able to notice when your eyes glaze over and you start to nod off. Even with all the benefits of being part of a web meeting, there are still a few major problems   the people you work with.

Below are some examples of the aggravating personality types you may find in a typical web conference.

The Deadpan Boss
Your boss wants to host a web conference about as much as you want to attend one. The Deadpan Boss only has one tone of voice, which is lovingly referred to as monotone. Your boss hopes that nothing goes wrong during the presentation, so the slides are as simple as possible. The exception being, of course, slides that show quarterly statistics and mind-numbing charts that only Einstein could make sense of. This type of meeting presenter reads every single line from every single slide and adds nothing extra for fear of running over time   which it always does anyway. 

The Comedian
We all have that coworker. You know the type. If a room, actual or virtual, has gone without a laugh for seven minutes, The Comedian feels the need to twist the presenter's words or mock a misspelling in the presentation. The Comedian gets laughs because their commentary is a welcome change of pace from the boss' monotone monologue, but that just encourages the joker to interrupt the meeting every chance they get. You know better than to laugh at The Comedian's jokes; you just want this meeting to end.

The Experienced Professional
It does help to have discussion throughout an online conference. No one should stay completely silent, especially if the presenter has asked an open-ended question of the participants. There's always that one person, though. You may remember them from grade school, when they were known as the teacher's pet. Now, they frequently interject during meetings to impart their profound knowledge   just to clarify to everyone that they have been doing it right all along. The first words of every sentence The Experienced Professional speaks are, "In my experience ."

The Riddler
There's always that moment when you feel like the meeting's host is about to wrap up the presentation. Then they always say those two words that strike dread into the heart of average employees everywhere: "Any questions?" Everyone waits with baited breath, hoping that no one will speak up. But, no! After waiting through 15 seconds of silence, The Riddler smiles and asks a question that's sure to keep the meeting going for another 15 minutes. Everyone in the web conference applies the palm of their hand to their forehead. Many people log out, but not you. You stay logged in to the end because you don't want anyone to see your profile leave the meeting early.

If you work in corporate America, you are used to meetings. With advances in technology, meetings are happening in online conference rooms more and more often. Virtual meetings are efficient and save companies money in terms of travel costs, though online meetings can be just as mundane as in-person boardroom meetings. If you ever find yourself the host of one of these web meetings, you have several tools at your disposal to deal with these annoying personality types. If you have interrupters, or even just someone loudly fighting a cold, you can always mute them and carry on.

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