Internet fax sites may have risen in popularity in recent years, replacing fax machines and fax software in small businesses, but there s still a lot to be said for the ease and versatility of faxing programs for your PC   no internet connection required   software that turns your computer into a full-fledged fax machine by utilizing your PC, modem and phone line.

The software now available for this longtime use of the PC is more powerful than ever, from automated sending/receiving functions to junk fax blocking and voicemail. Fax software for the PC isn t going anywhere, and here are some excellent reasons why.

  • Puts Your Landline to Good Use: Many small businesses still have a land line, so why not use it to save some cash? When you purchase one of the titles included in our fax software review, it s a one-time purchase, unlike the monthly plans required when you use an internet fax site. And don t worry about the software tying up your voice calls. All the software applications included in our review can decipher between faxes and voice calls and can allow each through as they come, without any assistance from you needed.
  • Realistic Phone Display: A fun feature you ll notice among several of the fax software titles in our review is a realistic phone display in the main interface of the program, making the software feel like a fax machine rather than just another Windows application. This appreciated graphical extra is quite helpful for new users to the software who may not be that great at operating new PC programs with ease, but are still comfortable using a fax machine.
  •  Printer Drivers  Let You Fax Anything: Want to send a Word document as a fax, or send the page you re looking at in Mozilla as a fax to your boss? You can easily do so with any of the faxing programs included our review by going to File > Print and choosing the appropriate  printer  for whichever software you re using. This smart function will automatically open the fax software and set up a message with your desired file.
  • Leave a Message After the Beep: If you re serious about your small business s faxing needs, you ll be excited to hear that voicemail, (i.e., an answering machine) is now available on some of the titles included in our review. This is a great feature to have if your line is busy receiving a fax and you d like more functionality than just listening to your voicemail if a message is left. With built-in voicemail, you can forward voice messages to other recipients with ease, as well as save your voicemail to text.
  • Block Unwanted Faxes: We also love that many of the faxing programs included our review can block unwanted  junk  faxes easily. All you need to do is enter the number you wish to block, or create a list of contacts you only want to receive faxes from. Either way, this useful function saves you paper, ink, time and, more importantly, unneeded stress.

It may have been decades since modems were put to use to assist PCs with faxing, but that doesn t mean they re no longer useful. There are dozens of impressive features that now come standard with present-day faxing software that are sure to delight. Make use of the free trials and discover just how powerful fax software for this PC has become.

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