It s a small world, but I wouldn t want to paint it  is a statement that is getting more and more true with each passing year. With technological booms and social media inventions like Facebook, Twitter and VoIP chatting, you can find long-lost friends, catch up on their lives and speak with them face- to- face   something that, for some, hasn t been possible for years. Remember that friend from high school that you lost contact with or that person you met at band camp one summer but never saw again? Those people are now easy to reconnect with.

One of our favorite ways to stay in touch, virtually, is through video chatting. Speaking face-to-face with friends and family is so much more personal than texting or IMing. And now with new VoIP technology and headsets, your video chatting experience will be even better. We ve researched the entire market of VoIP headsets and have come up with a matrix comparing the top ten. In our research we ve also made a list with the top three things to look for in the perfect VoIP headset.

When chatting online, you ll most likely be wearing the headphones for awhile. Look for a VoIP headset that has a cushioned headband as well as cushioned earphones. Our favorites are the headphones that cradle your ear instead of sitting on top of it. These provide comfort and are better at blocking out external distractions.

Ease of Use
Your time with friends and family is limited, and wasting time figuring out how to make a headset work is not something you want to worry about. Look for a headset that boasts a plug-and-play feature. With this capability, all you need do is plug the USB adapter into your computer and you ll instantly be able to start chatting   no software installation required.

Good Warranty
As with all electronics, if you re going to drop a pretty penny on a headset, you want to have a warranty so that if something malfunctions, you can still get you money back or exchange it for a superior product. Most of the headsets we reviewed have at least a one-year warranty, but a few at the low end of the spectrum have a 90-day warranty; products on the high end have a three-year warranty. We d recommend picking the product that bests fits the normal wear you put on electronics.

There is no excuse not to see your friends and family at least once a week with VoIP services and we are happy about this change in the world s temperature. It was getting chilly for awhile there with a lot of virtual  friends  and texting going on and too little actual connecting. Life just isn t as warm and meaningful without a circle of people you love and trust   those people with whom you want to share everything. And with inexpensive VoIP headsets and free VoIP services, it isn t hard to share your life again.

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