"I'll see you at 7:00 A.M. in the operation room." You hear the doctor say as he walks out of your sterile room.

You just found out that you need to have both of your hands operated on and won't have use of them for at least six weeks.

How will you survive? How will you get that big project done for your new client? And with gasps of horror you realize this also means no internet for a month and a half. Now you know you will not survive.

So how do you solve this problem?

As you begin to consider the options  putting off that big client project, asking someone else to do it for you, or hiring a personal assistant, you realize that all of these options are a little too risky for your blood.

Then as you look to the sky for answers, the clouds begin to part and you recall hearing something about voice recognition software.

But how do you begin to find out all of the features offered? What is a fair price? Will it work on your computer system? Will you need special equipment? You have all of these questions and one evening to figure out the answers. What will you do?

Let us help to answer your questions with our voice recognition software review.

Here are a few things to think about when you have decided that you need to purchase Voice Recognition Software.

Will you be using this program long term or short term?

If you only need a program for a few weeks you may want to consider choosing one of the less expensive brands of software. However, if this is software that you plan to use for quite some time you may want to consider the up-scale features of the more expensive brands.

What do you need this software to do for you?

If you are considering voice recognition software to control your computer as much as possible then it's worth the time and effort to find an efficient product. Whereas if you are only using the program for some basic commands and dictation purposes you may consider one of the products that doesn't offer the wide array of options.

Will you need to purchase a headset?

A few of the voice recognition software products come with a headset that is constructed to work with their program. Although, you can also purchase programs that will work with the basic headset that is already sitting in your desk drawer.

What type of customer support do you need?

Some of the voice recognition software programs that we reviewed offer a help command within their program. This is veryuseful if you are in the middle of a project and realize that your computer is not responding the way that it should be to your commands. Other voice recognition software programs offer online forums and FAQs for help topics. This may be an option for someone who not already feeling rushed on their project as it may require a bit more researching.

Trying to find out and decide on which features are best for your situation may seem like an intimidating task, however after using our research data you should be on your way to being hands free.

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